SureFire M600U & M600V Scout LED Weapon Light Review

Who doesn’t like SureFire weapon lights?

Where natural light is absent, our firearms need artificial light. Thankfully, SureFire works tirelessly works day and night to meet all our desires to have sufficient light for our rifles.

Their efforts in trying to make all our shootings sessions and other tactical operations simple and successful are evident from their latest inventions- the SureFire M600U Ultra and SureFire M600V scout lights.

The two latest generations from SureFire lighting grants you a few options, not present in the previous scout light packages.

Following are detailed reviews of the two lights where you’ll encounter the added features in the two scout lights.

SureFire M600U-Z68-BK Ultra ScoutLight LED WeaponLight Review

Theirs is no weapon that will make you feel more confident in your shooting sessions like the SureFire M600U Ultra, one of the latest inventions from SureFire that fit perfectly on the firearm of your choice.

The light is designed by the elite squad of SureFire, who start by gathering all your specific tactical needs and highly regarding them when designing the light.

This ensures that the final product is well groomed to meet all your needs. The light produces an incredibly powerful 500 lumens of blinding white light. It features the most ergonomic switching capabilities and compact.

No matter which situations you’re confronting ensures that you have SureFire M600U Ultra by your side. But before that, let’s look into its special features and benefits. 

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  • Securely fits all rifles, submachines, and carbines with a picatinny rail
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Engineered to endure the hardest operations
  • Long range targeting beam
  • thumbs-o-up
    Batteries included


  • No strobes mode
  • Slightly expensive (acceptable for the light’s quality)

Top Features and Benefits

High Performance LED Technology

How much light does this light produce?

What is its LED lumen rating?

These are the main questions that all of you ask themselves whenever you’re deciding on whether to buy a light or not. For this SurFire light, we have the answers ready for you.

The system uses a recoil-proof LED circuit that is capable of ejecting super powerful white light, with blinding effect, rated at 500 lumens.

This seems too much for your rifle platform, right?

But it’s what the light grants you. The light that flows out of this weapon light is always consistent and continues to run for a tactical runtime of 1.5 hours.

Your illumination problems solved?

Weather Resistant

There’s nothing better that a company that keeps its promises to its consumers. SurFire is one such company. Thy promise to design a weapon light that meets all your tactical needs and here it is.

It is 100% O-ring sealed and gasket sealed. This means that various weather elements such as mist, fog, water, dust etc will not infiltrate the light’s internal circuit system.

This ensures that you can use it to illuminate all real world situations.

In other words, you will have the chance to employ this light in any weather conditions. This will not affect its performance in any way.

Securely Attaches to Standard Picatinny Rail

I can see you’re already grinning after reading this…

So what makes SureFire M600U-Z68-BK Ultra Scout Light LED WeaponLight to fit directly and securely to any weapon rail bearing the standard 1913 picatinny rail?

We’ve the correct answer to this question: the light comes with a thumbscrew clamp. This clamp system allows you to securely and quickly mount the light to the weapon of your choice, provided it has the picatinny rail system.

Delivers Versatile, Long-range Beam

It’s true that SureFire M600U Ultra gives you a cool light output of 500 lumens. But it’s also important to note that this light is taken through several transformations so as to make an intense, far reaching beam out of it.

The light comes with special lens.

This lens is able to subject the light to total internal reflection (TIR).

And the final result?

Well, you’ll get an intense and highly versatile beam. This beam travels miles with determination to clear the darkness and illuminate your path to successful shooting/hunting.

It is therefore suitable for long range targeting. And before I forget, the light has significant surrounding light ideal for peripheral vision.

Super Rugged Construction

Let’s go back to the minds of professional team at SureFire who designed this light. We said that they first gathered all the customer needs.

Among these needs is the invention of a light capable of enduring the hardest circumstances on the planet. With this request, the professionals were ready for the task.

The engineered SureFire M600U Ultra to bear the hardest metal in the industry. This metal is none other than the aircraft grade aluminum metal. Its ruggedness enables the light to withstand any sort of impact, no matter how strong it is, and all the most challenging tactical situations you can imagine.

On top of this hard metal, there is a military grade, black, hard anodized finish that acts as a guard over enemies of the metal such as rusting, scratches, and abrasions.

The rugged construction is rounded up by an optically coated tempered window.

Powered by two CR123 Batteries

Where and how SureFire M600U Ultra gets its power to output the superb far reaching beam is not a mystery no more.

You only need to reward it with two 3V CR123 batteries Lithium batteries and it will give you the best lighting experiences that your rifle deserves.

The batteries are included in the box- smile! The batteries have a shelf life of around 10 years- smile again.

Ultra Compact Design

SureFire M600U Ultra is a petite monster. Its exact factory dimensions are as follows: bezel diameter= 1.125 inches, length= 5.4 inches, weight with batteries= 5.6 ounces.

What a compact, yet powerful light!

The compactness comes with a benefit. And the common one is that it’s extremely easy to carry around.

What else?

The lightweight minimizes the added weight on your firearm while the small size frees up sufficient rail space for other important accessories as well as increasing the weapon maneuverability compared to the larger weapon light models.

Easy to Operate

Closing our list of key features of SureFire M600U Ultra is what you’ve been probably waiting to hear us say. Operating the light is juts but a breeze.

Take a look at the click-type pushback tail cap switch that comes with the light. You only need to press it to get momentary-ON and a further press lands you into constant-ON.

Additionally, the switch has been shrouded to stop accidental activation of the light.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. What exactly does a complete package of SureFire M600U Ultra carry?

The package contents are: SureFire M600U Ultra gunlight, 2 CR123 batteries, and a warranty card.

2. What are the differ color available for the light?

Unfortunately, the light is available in black only.

3. I’m interested in using this light on my long gun. Will it work well?

The light will snap into place, provided your weapon has a picatinny rail system.

4. What batteries does the light use? Are they included in the box?

The light uses two CR123 lithium batteries. The two batteries are included in the box.

5. Does this light support different brightness modes?

Unfortunately, it supports only one mode.


SureFire M600U Ultra remains the weapon light everyone is willing to get. This is based on one reason. And the reason is quality.

SureFire M600V Scout-LED WeaponLight Review

The other new sheriff in the camp of SureFire Scout lights is SureFire M600V Weapon Light. This is more than just shines. It blasts a fantastic 150 lumens of brilliant white light equivalent to 120 milli-watts invisible infrared output suitable for use with the night vision devices.

This means that with this light, you don’t need any additional spare lamps or IR filters. Also manufactured by an elite team at SureFire, the light responds to all your tactical needs as expected.

It comes with a thumbscrew rail clamp system that enables it to attach to any weapon that has a Picatinny rail system. Hovering over different output modes has been supported in this light to give you the best results in different situations.

This light has undertaken several tests at the factory to prove its worthiness to any hunter. In all the tests, it has emerged victorious, and it’s, therefore, equal to all the tasks you’ve at hand.


  • Long tactical runtime (close to 1.8hrs)
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to mount on any picatinny rail system
  • Comes with two CR123 batteries
  • thumbs-o-up
    Compact and lightweight
  • thumbs-o-up
    Weatherproof design
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy to operate
  • thumbs-o-up
    Supports different output levels


  • Expensive (as expected for the quality it bears)

Special Features and Benefits

Amazing Infrared Output

We start by how SureFire M600V performs when activated. And as you expect, its performance is epic.

It employs a virtually indestructible, failure proof infrared LED system which has been regulated to give you a maximum output and runtime.

The light is capable of confronting darkness with a powerful, brilliant white light of 150 lumens. The luminous flux equates to a total o 120milli-watts of invisible white lights that every nighttime hunter will find helpful.

This is simply because the IR light helps preserve night vision. It’s, therefore, unnecessary for you to use any IR filter or spare lamp for the task at hand. And oh!

We said the LEDs are failure proof.


Well, the bulbs don’t use any filaments, so there no possibility of burning or breaking out.

Switches Momentarily and Constantly- On

This light comes with a monetary/constant-ON push button tail cap switch. As you know, operating this switch is the simplest task ever in all SureFire lights.

Additionally, the light has a momentary-ON pressure-activated tape switch. This remote switch is also easy to operate. It has a length of up to 7 inches which ensures that you can place it wherever you wish.

As if this is not enough, the light also comes with an optional dual SR pushbutton (pressure pad) switches.

Highly Effective Mounting System

SureFire M600V Scout LED Weapon Light, comes with a highly effective integral thumbscrew clamp. This enables it to snap solidly to all the long guns that are equipped with Picatinny rail systems.

Constructed from High-Strength Metals

As expected for any SureFire weapon light. This light has been engineered using the hardest, aircraft grade aluminum metal that takes it the durability to whole new level, making it a reliable lighting tool.

On top of this, the metal is coated with a black military grade hard anodizing to keep it immune from dust, rust, scratches, and other destructive properties.

The light has been battle-proven and emerged fit for all rigors of combats.

Weatherproof Design

From the simple fact that the light is gasket and O-ring sealed, we get to understand that it is capable of withstanding all the weather conditions.

The light does not give dust, moisture, dirt, mist, etc. a chance to enter into its internal system and possibly play their dirty tricks of interfering with its functioning.

Includes two Lithium Batteries

One of the things that you’ll receive in the box of this light is two high energy 3V CR123 lithium batteries. This directly means that you’ll require only two such batteries to make the light output brilliant light.

The batteries have a high shelf life, close to 10 years, and are readily available whenever you need them.

Varied Output Modes

Have you already noticed the self-locking selector ring located on the dual spectrum head of this light? Good. Now twist the ring.

What do you see?

Of course, you’ll be able to witness the output light varying from one mode to another.

This shows that SureFire M600V supports different output modes such that you can utilize the amount of light that corresponds to your situation and illumination needs.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. Is SureFire M600V weatherproof?

Yes! The light is O-ring and gasket sealed, making it 100% weatherproof. You can conveniently use it under any weather conditions.

2. Will this light mount on my rifle?

Absolutely. The light mounts perfectly on all rifles provided they have a Picatinny rail system on the forend.

3. What colors are available for this weapon light?

SureFire M600V is available in two main colors: black and desert tan.

4. Which type of batteries is used by SureFire M600V?

SureFire M600V requires two 3V CR123 Lithium non-rechargeable batteries to operate it. These batters are readily available for replacement. The package also comes with the two batteries.

5. Does this light come with SureFire warranty?

Yes, SureFire M600V is backed by SureFire’s limited lifetime warranty. But registration is required for you to enjoy the warranty.


If you want to spend your surefire money on a surefire weapon light, SureFire M600V is the number one go to the light. It gives your surplus weapon illumination it needs to excel in all situations.

SureFire M600U Ultra vs. SureFire M600V

From what we’ve seen above, both SureFire M600U Ultra and SureFire M600V are two great weapon lights dedicated to meet all your specific needs. They’ve been engineered in almost a similar process.

Minor differences are, however, evident where SureFire M600U Ultra utilizes pure LED bulbs while SureFire M600V uses IR LEDs. The maximum lumen output for SureFire M600U Ultra is 500 while that of SureFire M600V is 150.

Everything else about the two lights is similar- from the compact design, ease of use, high durability standards, ability to mount on the Picatinny rail systems, etc.

Choosing between SureFire M600U Ultra and SureFire M600V is, therefore, a matter of personal preference.

But if you’re on a budget, you’d consider SureFire M600U Ultra as the cheaper option.

Final Verdict

SureFire M600U Ultra and SureFire M600V are jointly the ruling generations of weapon lights from SureFire. It’s not a surprise that everyone is on their toes, looking for any of these lights.

Some have even confessed that they’ve secured both lights! At such a high selling rate, we doubt if these top quality lights will become extinct. Order your package as soon as now and be on the safer side.

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