Top 4 Gun Racks For Truck Reviewed: Which One Should You Get?

Tired of scratches on your rifle’s stock?

Or do you always listen to your scope rattling when you take a drive to your favorite backwoods? If any of those things happen to you, then you are living in the past. The past where the rubber-coated metal gun racks used to leave behind worn out stocks, broken scopes and a bad day at the range.

Today, however, the offerings are a lot better.

You can easily pack your shotgun for a weekend of duck hunting at a moment’s notice. Today’s gun racks for trucks are easily accessible and fully function.

Choosing one from the pack can be a bit daunting, so here is a list of four of the best gun racks that will fit in any truck.

Great Day CL1500 Center-Lok Overhead Gun Rack For Trucks Aluminum Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="89" identifier="B00C3OJCGE" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/21YSRt4iLL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]


  • Easy to install: The Opposing Forces installation makes it a breeze to install the gun rack. You do not need to drill holes in your cabin’s headliner, or screw nuts to hold the rack in place. Only slight effort is required to mount the rack, and you can do it in a couple of minutes.
  • Light: The compact aluminum body makes the Center-Lok one of the lightest gun racks in the market. Crafted from aircraft aluminum, it weighs only 8 lbs. But do not let it’s light weight fool you. The rack can expand from 48 inches to 54 inches. A powder-coat enamel adds to the rack’s sturdy nature.
  • Versatility: Since the rack can expand from 48 inches to 54, it can fit in any four-door truck.


  • Works in Trucks with Center Doorposts: Great Day’s rack is limited to trucks with center doorposts. It will not work on trucks without one because its installation system requires center doorposts.
  • Punishes the Headliner: The rack rubs against the headliner, so with time, it’s going to damage it.

Great Day’s Center-Lok gun rack the perfect rack for a full-size truck cabin. For cab pickups with center doorposts, Great Day’s gun rack works perfectly.

It fits snugly against your truck’s headliner, concealing your guns from passers-by. You and your passenger do not have to worry about knocking your heads on the rack.

The racks compact design leaves enough headroom in a trucks cabin. Great Day uses their patented Opposing Force installation system that locks the gun rack firmly on the headliner. The installation system does not use screws or bolts, so you can install it in a matter of minutes.

As for the guns, Great Day placed Velcro straps which you can adjust independently to accommodate different gun sizes. So you do not have to worry about the guns falling all over the place when you hit rough terrain.

However, do not make that an excuse for transporting a loaded gun in the Center-Lok overhead gun rack. Trucks that have a DVD player installed or other equipment on the headliner will not accommodate the Center-Lok gun rack.

Let’s go through what makes Great Day’s gun rack great, and where they can improve on things.

Big Sky SBR-2G Skybar 2- Gun Telescoping Vehicle Mount Rack Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="198" identifier="B000NDPZYK" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/31IU2BRVLPaL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]


  • Easy Storage: The SBR-2Gis easily mounted on your trucks ceiling. It leaves ample headroom so you won’t be knocking your head on your guns barrel.The fact that you can have two guns strapped on the mount is a plus.
  • Safe and Durable Fastening: The heavy duty nylon strapping makes a very secure and durable fastening mechanism for your guns. It holds the guns firmly in place when you are driving.The nylon strap is flexible enough, making it hard to break.
  • Telescoping Square Bar: With the SBR-2G you can extend the square bar to fit in most trucks. What’s more, the extendible square bar is very compact.It does not rattle, even when you hit some rough terrain.
  • Easy to Mount: Installing the SBR-2G requires no drilling saving you the trouble of poking holes in your trucks’ cabin.


  • Doesn’t work for all truck models: Some modification is required to fit the rack in some truck models. However, trucks with rear grab handles can accommodate the rack.There is one problem, though, placing the rack on the rear grab handles leaves it in plain sight, so everyone has a clear view of your armory.
  • Doesn’t Get Along with Large Barrelled Weapons: If you want to haul your custom 50-caliber, Alexander Arms Beowulf, around, then you need to make serious modification to the SBR-2G rack.You can either bend the rifle holders out of shape or fabricate new ones.

Want more than one gun for your trip to the local range?

Big Sky has the perfect solution for you, the SBR 2- Gun Telescoping vehicle mount rack. It has a telescoping square bar allowing you the luxury of fitting it in most trucks.

It is a ceiling mounted gun rack that conceals your weapon from passers-by. You also have the option of securing the rack to the inner side plates common in most trucks.

Big Sky uses a standard hook and loop fastening strap anchored to a metal ring. This non-locking mechanism can support two firearms. The rack is a good choice for both law enforcement and the recreational enthusiast.

Big Sky BSR-1 Gun Rack Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B000NDPZ36" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/31Lnqq67vZL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="394"]


  • Easy to Install: Just like the SBR-2G, the SBR-1G is easy to install on your truck’s overhead cabin. The minimal footprint of the rack leaves a lot of space.So you, your hunting buddies and your guns have lots of room to move around.
  • Durable: The same heavy-duty nylon hook and loop fastening straps are used. They are very durable, as well as flexible.
  • Versatile: You can either mount the rack on your trucks headliner, or you can mount it vertically on the inner plates.


  • Single gun rack: The SBR-1G can only secure one gun at a time. For the enthusiast with two more than one gun, the SBR-2G or Great Day’s Center-Lok would fit the bill.
  • Big Barrelled Weapons Won’t Fit: Just like its bigger brother, the SBR-1G cannot accommodate large barrelled weapons.
    There you go, three of the best gun racks for trucks in the market.However, if you are looking for something below fifty dollars, we have you covered. Read on.

The third spot is taken by yet another Big Sky rack, the BSR-1gun rack. Just like the BSR-2G, the BSR-1G has everything you need to transport your weapon of choice.

The only difference is that the BSR-1G can only carry a single firearm. Does this make it any less functional?

No. You still get the excellent padded brackets to protect your gun’s finish and scope. It also the same hook and loop fastening strap and a square telescopic bar.

However, it is a bit heftier than its sibling, weighing in at 5 pounds. Its compact structure means that you get to take your dog on your hunting trips.

Cheap Gun Rack: Hatchie Bottom Back Gun Sling

[easyazon_image align="center" height="300" identifier="B001S8OF9U" locale="US" src="https://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/41VqLpTBsmL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="274"]


  • Affordable: The sling comes with a price tag of less than thirty dollars. It is, therefore, one of the cheapest gun racks for trucks in the market. However, do not let the price fool you, it is a very secure gun rack.
  • Easy Installation: All you need to do so as to attach the sling is secure the straps on your truck’s seat. In a matter of minutes, the rack should be in place, ready to store your guns.
  • Durable: Made from neoprene, a durable and flexible plastic, the sling can give you years of service.
  • Keeps Guns Off The Floor: Your guns are mounted in the rear of your seat. You cannot accidentally step on one when you are driving or getting out of the car. It is a tidy way to carry guns around.


  • Not suitable for all gun sizes: Guns with shorter barrels are notoriously difficult to secure when using the sling. Its non-adjustable size means that only long-barrelled firearms fit.
  • Stitches Do Not Hold Up: You need to be careful when using the sling. Even though the neoprene can take punishment, the stitches that hold it together cannot. A few hard pulls and the stitches give up.
  • Straps are Loose: The straps get loose once the guns are loaded up. You might find yourself adjusting them a few times during your trip.

Is Using A Gun Rack On Your Truck Legal In US?

While they might not be a common sight these days, the use of gun racks on truck rear-window is still legal in the US. Though the government generally prohibits the use of handguns in personal vehicles, this restriction only applies to a person who doesn't possess a gun license.

In the US, besides law enforcement agencies, there are only three kinds of people allowed to carry guns in their vehicles. This includes people with a concealed gun license, agents of arms manufacturers or dealers authorized by the state, and those authorized by the law to transport firearms.

However, without a license, a person may still carry a gun provided if it is unloaded and kept in a location, not within reach of those in the vehicle.

That said, gun racks still have the same legal pass they had a few decades ago when they were as familiar on a truck as shovels in the pickup box. The only reason why they are no longer popular today is that most people no longer see the need for it.

Back then, open carry was allowed while concealed carry permits were beyond the reach of many citizens. Nowadays, everyone can get a license for a concealed carry, so no one really cares about open carry anymore.

Also, most pickup trucks are more extensive today and have other places for storing a gun besides a rack. More so, the construction of the extended and crew cab trucks do not allow easy access anymore.

The high crime rate we experience today could have also contributed to the unpopularity of gun racks. Unlike the 60s where we had so many good citizens, it's no longer considered safe to display your tools for everyone to see or your risk having them stolen.

That said, if you are a hunter or you worked the ranch, you will definitely need your own firearm, and you wouldn't mind carrying it around as long as you're still in your "domain". But you might want to give a second thought before displaying in the back window when you go to town.

If people are losing their shovels these days, how much more an expensive rifle?

And even if you have decided to still use a gun rack, make sure you never leave your truck unlocked.

As most US residents know, the 2nd amendment to the US constitution guarantees every citizen’s right to possess a firearm.

That right still applies when you get into your truck.

It is very common for US drivers to keep their guns in their cars. I’m sure you have spotted some vehicles with gun racks in their windows, containing some firearms.

The key to the legality of carrying a gun rack in your truck is to ensure that it is in plain sight. It should not be concealed.

A concealed firearm is any form of firearm carried by or around a person or vehicle in a way as to conceal it from being seen by other people.

In the US, it is legal to have your firearm uncovered on the passenger seat or floorboard of your vehicle.

Possession of a concealed firearm is punishable in several states, such as Florida.

In the event that you are pulled over by the police while carrying a firearm in your truck, you should have a plan on how to tackle such a scenario.

A wise thing to do would be to inform the officer calmly and clearly that you have a gun in the vehicle.

As you carry a firearm legally in your truck, there are some restrictions on what you may do with the firearm.

For starters, you should not display the firearm to fellow motorists in any way that may be seen as threatening.

In case any reasonable motorist feels threatened by the view of your gun, even if you haven't pointed it at him/her, you may face some aggravated assault with a firearm charge.

These charges carry a 3-year minimum prison sentence.

Furthermore, if you find yourself in a case where you feel terribly threatened, for instance, you are at a bar, and a fight happens, you should take out your firearm from your vehicle, go back to the bar, and use the firearm as a form of defense.

Depending on how bad the situation is Iwould definitely go for my gun just to scare them off, but I would not open fire to them and maybe just shoot in the air.

Though it is permitted to carry a gun rack in your truck in the US, you have to be very careful about how you use your guns. Gun violations are extremely serious, and you may serve prison sentences if you use your firearms in the wrong way.

Final Verdict

Hatchie Bottom Back Gun Sling is priced below thirty dollars. For that price, you get a gun rack that is easy to install and has room for two rifles.

It is made from 3mm neoprene, making it both durable and flexible. The gun rack is mounted on the back of the driver and passenger seats.

You place the weapons in the large cargo pockets so that they are straddled between the two seats. To fix your guns in the rack, simply open one of the pockets and place the gun’s stock in it.

Put the barrel of the gun in the other pocket and close it. Even if the driver and passenger bucket seats are different distances from the dashboard, the rack works. The large cargo pockets also serve as a reservoir for shells and other gear.

The rack weighs a negligible 2.6 pounds making it one of the lightest truck gun racks in the market. It gets the job done although the straps that go around the seats do not cling up tight enough once the guns are in place.

Therefore, expect a bit your guns to rattle a bit when you are driving around. For guns with scopes, putting them upside down seems the best way to protect them from the rattling.

Another thing you should note is for the sling to work, you need something to attach the lower straps to. If you leave them unfastened, the rattling will get worse.

So, I hope you’ve identified which gun rack is the good fit for your gun rack.

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Austin Pancamo - July 11, 2018

Great article, however, one error that I read where is states that in the U.S. a person cannot carry a loaded handgun within reach unless he or she is licensed to carry. That is not entirely accurate. In the State of Texas, a person who is not licensed may carry a loaded handgun while traveling in a vehicle as long as the firearm is out of plain view. In other words, you can carry a loaded pistol in the center console (glove box/between the seat cushion/ in the passenger seat under a towel or in a bag, etcetera) even if you do not possess a CCL.


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