Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack Review: Worth It?

Have you been looking for a decent hunting pack that doubles as a day pack? If yes, you should consider yourself among the lucky people today for having come across this page.

It’s right here, right now, that we’ll introduce you to the best hunters’ pack that will make you forget your frustrations with all your previous backpacks. And before we move any further, this backpack is Eberlestock X2 Hunting Backpack.

This is the hunting pack you’ve been seeking for years. The minute you start using it, you’ll agree with this.

It’s an ultimately comfortable pack with a highly innovative design to meet your specific needs. It has the most compact design. At 4.5 pounds only, it’s one of the lightest hunting packs you’ve ever used before.

I know you can’t wait to lay your eyes on more interesting details about this bag. And guess what? I’m about t walk you through the full details of this bag in my Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack Review below.

Let’s go:


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy and fast access when wearing the pack
  • Spacious storage for your weapons and other gear
  • Multiple colors to pick from
  • Can be used as a daypack as well
  • Tough, durable design
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Most people complain about the small size (but this depends on your storage needs)

Key Features and Benefits of Eberlestock X2 Hunting Backpack:

Compact, Lightweight Design

Yes, this pack is both compact and lightweight…

At first, you might argue that the 2000 CI maximum storage capacity of this bag isn’t enough for you. Many hunters have been complaining about the same. They argue that this is a way to small space for you in case you’re lucky to make a bigger catch. But looking at the bag’s intelligent design, you’ll disagree with these hunters. With the bat-wing design, you’ll be totally surprised at how much space that huge deer you’ve caught leaves.

A friend of mine explains how he was able to tuck in a sleeping bag into this bag during an excursion.

The compact design will only make the bag comfortable and NOT compromise the storage.

What about the lightweight characteristic? You’ll love it. The bag is 4.7 pounds only. If you’re packing dense items in this bag, you’ll be grateful to the lightness of this bag as it helps reduce the overall weight. And you can enjoy your hunting mission while the pack rests on your back for hours.

Dual Hydration Bladder Compatible

Let’s look at the sides of this bag. Do you notice the two batwing pouches? Good. Now examine the pouches carefully. You’ll see that they are vertically zippered and broad enough to hold 3-liter hydration bladder.

How fantastic!

If you combine both wings, you get a pack that carries two water bladders with a whopping capacity of 6liters.

Because the bag also features MOLLES webbing, you can attach more water bladder pouches. There’s no limit to the number or size of hydration bladder you can carry.

Get to Enjoy Maximum Comfort and Stability with Eberlestock X2 Pack

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B00AL1A8IM" locale="US" src="http://huntspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/51TSBWtHhTL.jpg" tag="huntspot08-20" width="429"]

Another remarkable thing about this bag is its external/internal aluminum frame. As you know, this structure is responsible for the bag’s ability to bear the weight of any load while matching the shape of your back. A task this pack’s frame executes nicely.

Other things that contribute to a comfortable carry include the compression straps, a hip belt, and shoulder straps that evenly distribute the weight of your gear.

Fast Access to ALL Your Tools

Looking at X2 pack’s compression straps, they’re designed such that they do not hinder you from quickly accessing the tripod and scope you’ve secured in the wings.

The side pocket all over this pack also allows you to store items you frequently use. This enables you to access them faster unlike when they’re in the main compartment.

How Will You Benefit from the Newly Designed Flex Chassis?

In almost every Eberlestock X2 Pack review you come across, you’ll notice that the Flex Chassis is given much attention.

It surely deserves such attention for its enhanced performance and increased versatility.

You can quickly flip the chassis forward to serve as a seat. More importantly, it excellently cradles the bottom of any load you’ve secured to the bag’s front with the aid of compression straps.

Did I Tell You the Pack Can Carry Your Bow and Rifle?

While these weapons are necessary for your hunting activities, carrying them with your hands could limit your mobility. It’s also considered unsafe. For this reason, Eberlestock x2 hunting backpack allows you to attach the A1SS and A2SS side rifle scabbards to carry your gun conveniently and offers you easy access to them.

If you prefer using bows to guns, you can attach the ARCG ButtBucket accessory (from Eberlestock) to help you carry your compound bow easily.

Eberlestock X2 vs. Badlands 2200:

When searching for the best hunting backpacks, you’ll find the above two packs in each almost all reviews. This is not a coincident. Both products are every hunter’s favorite due to their high-end design and great features.

They share a lot of similarities regarding functionality and design. From hydration compatibility to the same storage volume, aluminum frame, rifle holder, lightweight, compactness, unconditional lifetime warranty, etc.

The only significant difference between the two is that X2 is way too cheaper than the 2200 model. So, if you’re on a budget, you know the right path to follow.

Eberlestock X2 vs. Badlands Superday:

When you compare Eberlestock X2 and Badlands Superday, you’ll also note a lot of similarities regarding functionality and design.

The Superday is super durable, has multiple pockets, has up to 1950 CI storage space, compatible with a camelback, and is very comfortable. Overall, it’s an incredible pack for every hunter out there.

The X2 is also fantastic. It has a ultra-tough design, ample storage space of up to 1900 CI, and extremely comfortable. But unlike Superday, it offers you special pockets for spotting scope and tripod. And it comes at a slightly lower price than Superday.

In my unbiased opinion, X2 lets you enjoy more features at a lower price. It, therefore, comes first and Superday second.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

1. Can this bag serve as a perfect night pack?

Although the bag was originally designed to act as a daypack, you can adopt it for use as a night pack depending on the items you want to carry.

2. Does the bag come with torso adjustment capabilities?

No. the bag does not support torso adjustment.

3. Is Eberlestock x2 backpack waterproof?

Yes, the pack has a high degree of water resistant. When working in the rain, it will keep all your items out of reach of rain water. This is made possible by the waterproof fabric used to design it, plus waterproof zippers.

Final Verdict

Eberlestock x2 pack is Must-Have hunting pack for every hunter who is series with their occupation. It’s a highly versatile that offers you a broad range of useful features to help meet your specific hunting pack needs.

The fact that you can adopt it for night packing makes it even better. The pack does not frustrate your backpacking needs. It comes with an attractive price tag and its worth your time and money.

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