Blade-Tech Competition Gun Belt Review: Should You Buy?

Are you confused on how to carry your shooting gear to the upcoming shooting matches that you’re lucky to be participating in?

If yes, you’re among millions of other shooters who’re suffering from the same problem.

But we’re always dedicated to help you improve your shooting life. And in that case, we decided to end your confusion by searching tirelessly for a high quality, an affordable gun belt that will allow you to carry your vital shooting items with you to any place you wish. Our top selection is the Blade Tech Competition Gun Belt.

Problem solved?


Now you won’t be confused anymore.

But before you go for this belt, first look at our Blade Tech Competition Gun Belt review below to inform you on its quality feature:

Features and Benefits of Blade Tech Competition Gun Belt:


  • Rigid, two-piece design
  • Suitable for USPSA and 3Gun matches
  • Attractive price
  • Comfortable to wear
  • thumbs-o-up
    Fits on all pants


  • The stitching if the belt is flimsy
  • The inner belt also looks flimsy

Fits on All Pants

We couldn’t let you down by offering you a gun belt that does not fit in some of your pants. We, therefore, canceled out all the belts that didn’t fit n most loops and we remained with Blade-Tech Competition Gun Belt​.
The belt is only ¼-inch thick. Additionally, its only 1.5 inches wide. Such measurements automatically qualify it to enter the belt loops of any pant you wish to wear on the shooting day.

Comfortable to Wear

The Easy on, Easy off Design makes this possible. This is a unique design from Blade-tech, which involves two pieces. When we say that the belt is a two-piece design, we mean that it comes in two pieces: the inner piece is the one you fit through your belt loops.

Then you stick the outer belt on the inner loops with the help of a heavy duty Velcro material that runs along the length of the outer belt.

Now, the inner belt is nice and stiff that it makes you feel so comfortable in it. Even better is that its flexible, making you feel more comfortable.

Rigid, Long-lasting Design

[easyazon_image align="center" height="375" identifier="B00B79NZMI" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="300"]

We’ve just explained the amazing two-piece design of this belt above.

What about the materials used to make the belt?

As you’d expect, they’re very durable and thus long-lasting. The overall effect of their high strength and durability is that the make the belt stiffer than you can imagine.

With such rigidness, the belt safely carries your CCW and any other shooting kit you wish to carry. Plus it supports the eight of your pants without rolling or sagging. Blade-Tech Competition Gun Belt will never shame you at any one time.

Great for 3Gun and USPSA Shooting Matches

Do you participate in 3Gun or USPSA shooting matches?

If yes, this is your gun belt.

What makes it qualify for this task is the fact that its manufacturers tailored it with your gun belt needs in mind. It, therefore, meets all your expectations so nicely that you’ll always long for the next shooting match.


An affordable gun belt was one of search criteria and luckily we found this gun belt to be the most affordable one for all shooters.

Despite the pocket-friendly prices, this belt presents you with a list of great features that you can’t afford to miss.

Different Sizes Available

What could be better that this belt is coming in different sizes? Doesn’t this allow all shooters have different waist sizes to utilize it and enjoy its benefits?

It surely does.

We’re convinced that your waist size lies between 34-52 inches. The belt sizes too fall in this range.

Take note: it’s always advisable to go for a size that is two steps longer that your actual size waist. This helps create room for a holster, pouches, and inner belt.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. What is the thickness and width of this belt?

The belt is 1.5 inches wide and a quarter inch thick. These are perfect dimensions that enable the belt to fit easily through your pant’s belt loops.

2. Can I find such a belt that fits nicely around my waist?

Sure, the belt is designed in different size to cater for the different shooters’ waist sizes. As long as your waist size falls between 34 and 52 inches, you’ll get your match.

3. What colors is this belt available in?

The belt is available in only one color and that is black.

Final Verdict

There’s probably no gun belt that favors the needs of shooters at the competition grounds than Blade Tech Competition Gun Belt. Apart from its rigidity, it has been specially designed for use in shooting competitions.

Order yours today and have the chance to stand out as a champion in your next shooting match.

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