Best Shooting Sticks On The Market – Review and Buying Guide 2018

Similar to bipods, shooting sticks are accuracy enhancing accessories that shooters, hunters, snipers, etc use along their files to shoot faster and precisely.

The only difference between a shooting stick and bipods is that the former can stand on two or more legs. Shooting sticks allows you to rest the weapon on its well deigned platform.

This way, you reduce fatigue and increase your shooting accuracy.

As much as you’d like to shoot accurately and precisely, an accuracy enhancing tool such as a shooting stick is one of the assets you should have. The market has all types of shooting sticks to help you shoot successfully.

If you don't have time to read, here's our top 3 shooting sticks:



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Selecting the best ones will go a long way in making your shooting life more productive​.

We are here to help you pick the best shooting stick for hunting and experience maximum shooting productivity- that’s our no.1 aim.

If you follow this post religiously, from start to end, you’ll discover the perfect shooting sticks to buy, what to look for when buying the sticks, extra tips on how to use the tool, and the effectiveness of shooting stick compared to a bipod.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Shooting Stick

We prefer to start our guide with the things that you should always look for whenever you’re buying a stick. This will help you get the right products in the market for your hard-earned money.

Here’s what to look for:

Strength and durability

For a shooting stick to be able to steadily carry your heavy firearm, it must be very rigid/solid. It should not show any wobbling movements when loaded with the weapon.

The materials used to make the shooting stick act a good pointer to how the strength of the stick fairs.


A great shooting stick should be super lightweight. You don’t want a stick that makes your gun too heavy when you attach it at the fore end.

It will make your gun bulky and cumbersome to use. Make sure that the durable materials that make the stick are also lightweight.


The shooting stick should also be completely easy to use. You should spend only a few seconds fixing your gun on the tool.

The rest of your time should be spent adjusting the bipod for ultimate accuracy.


The shooting stick you buy should be able to provide you with very comfortable shooting positions. As the experts have always said, a comfortable shooter is likely to fire more accurately unlike the uncomfortable one.

Height Adjustment

The shooting stick you buy should also be able to give you a variety of shooting heights to choose from. This ensures that you can gain shooting accuracy on any type of terrains.

Best Shooting Sticks Reviews

1. Primos TriPod Trigger Stick 24-62-Inch

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If you’re overly serious about securing a shooting stick for you firearm, this is the best choice for you. The stick is a high quality product from Primos.

If you have used any other Primos product, you must have an idea of the high quality level associated with their products. They’re even tested for the roughest situation and environments before being introduced to the market.

The shooting stick can be a used with wide range of firearms. Mounting your firearm on the stick is the best part. It’s a completely easy process and you’ll enjoy the swift process.

You’ll also enjoy adjusting your gun to achieve a perfect shooting position. This is due to the adjustable leg lengths and rotating v-yoke that improve the flexibility of the shooting stick.

Whether you prefer to take an off the bench shot, or shoot when kneeling or sitting, this stick offers you the best platform to do so.

Features and Benefits Primos TriPod Trigger Stick:

Ability to Increase the Stick Leg length

Using this Primos bipod will lead you to the gate of numerous shooting heights so pick from. When we say numerous, we really mean it. You’ll be able to select a couple of shooting heights that lie between 24 and 62 inches.

With so many heights to pick from, nothing will stand on your path to making an ideal shot.

And if you didn’t know, increasing the length of the stick is the easiest task you can perform on the stick. You only need to pull a trigger to adjust to your preferred height.

To keep the height you have selected, flip the switch to lock the trigger and thus the height.

Improved Firearm Flexibility

The shooting stick comes with a fluid handle movement that allows you to enjoy maximum flexibility. Combine the versatile fluid twisting handle and the rotating V-yoke.

That keeps your firearm on target.

Made from Rigid Materials

The shooting stick legs are made from 7075 aluminum. This is a heavy duty material that enables the stick to remain stable once you mount your firearm on it.

The strong metal also makes the stick last for many years.


The heavy duty aluminum metal used to construct this bipod is lightweight.

This means that the stick will not make your gun bulky by adding unnecessary weight at its fore end.

Easy to Carry

In addition to being a lightweight accessory, the shooting stick also comes with wrist straps.

These two features make it an easy tool to carry along with the rest of your shooting kit.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a quiet operation environment.

Most hunters, especially the coyote hunters will nod their heads to this. If you prefer a quite shooting environment, this stick gladly offers you a perfect one.

The stick legs have a GEN 2 coating enhances quiet leg operation at the pull of a finger. No unnecessary noise will come from your operation base.

Universal Shooting Stick

Apart from mounting your gun on this stick, you can also mount other tools on it. How? You simply remove the mounting platform (or the V-yoke) and use the stick with cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, laser range finders and other monopod mountable devices.

2. Primos Gen2 Bipod Trigger Stick 24-61-Inch

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The second best shooting stick in our list is also from Primos. It is also a high quality accessory that you can use with any gun. Though it does not support picatinny rail fastening, you can easily rest the rail in the V mounting platform and still enjoy your gun stability anywhere.

This bipod has fully adjustable legs that allow you to shoot while sitting or standing. It has undergone tests in the toughest environments. Amazingly, it has proved to be a great deal for every shooter.

Stalker would find it a great deal as well. Many hunters have come out to give testimonials on how they have bagged numerous coyotes and dears with consistent precise shots by using this stick.

Are you ready to join this course and enjoy making precise shots as well? All you have to do is invest in this affordable shooting stick. We are highly optimistic that it will meet all your needs.

Features ad benefits of Primos Gen2 Bipod Trigger Stick:

Height Adjustable shooting stick

You can simply extend the legs of the stick from as low as 24 inches to as high as 61 inches. What a broad category of shooting heights to choose form!

These legs are very easy to deploy. The bipod comes with a trigger that you simply pull and the legs pull out to a height of your choice.

There’s also a lock at the top part of the stick that locks the selected leg height.

It’s also important to note that the legs extend independently. Thus, it becomes an easy task adjusting them on unlevel ground. Achieving a good shooting position for your firearm follows along.

Easy to Carry

For long distance shooting, this stick is your best choice. It is made of lightweight materials and weighs a mere 2.5lbs. The legs have been design in such a way that they can be collapsed to as low as 2 1/2 feet. This makes them to fit well in your bag for easy carrying.

The wrist strap that comes with accessory also allows you to carry it conveniently by hanging on your wrist.

Strong and Lightweight

The Primos shooting stick is designed from heavy duty material- the 7075 aluminum metal. This is the aluminum grade used in the manufacture aircraft parts due to its durability and lightweight properties. It carries these two features to your bipod too.

You’ll be able to enjoy a very strong support for you firearm. At the same time, you won’t feel the gun too heavy for the shooting task.

Rotating Mounting Base Makes the Stick Versatile

The V-shaped mounting platform of the stick rotates via a 90 degrees path. This enables you to make minor among adjustments on your rifle. And the ultimate result is very fine shots.

Apart from the rotating mounting base, the shooting stick also comes with a fluid twisting handle which increases the overall versatility of the tool. Aiming at your target precisely has never been this simple!

3. Vanguard Quest T62U 3-in-1 Shooting Stick

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B006LZNOKG” locale=”US” src=”″ tag=”huntspot08-20″ width=”500″]

No matter what your shooting needs are, you’ll never lack a shooting stick to accomplish them. Quest T62U is another high quality bipod that has been manufactured by vanguard to prove this fact. The shooting stick is professionally engineered so that you can use it as a three in one accuracy facilitating tool.

It is made from heavy duty materials to ensure it stably hold your gun in position. The materials used are also lightweight for easy carrying.

The shooting stick, like all the other we have discussed earlier, has a height adjustment capability. You can easily drop the legs from as low as 24 inches to 62 inches. The different height caters for your favorite shooting positions and helps you shoot even from the tough grounds.

If you have used a couple of shooting sticks and you’re at the verge of giving up, pause for a moment and try this unique, professionally designed stick.

It will change your perspective of shooting sticks. Vanguard even gives you a 5 years warranty when you buy this product from them! They must be fully committed to help you shot right.

Key Features and Benefits of Quest T62U 3-in-1 Shooting Stick:

Vanguard Quest T62U is a 3-in1 shooting stick

Simply put, the shooting can serve you as a bipod, tripod, and monopod. Usually, it comes with three legs which means you can use it as a tripod. To use it as a bipod, simply detach one leg from the rest. You’re left with a two leg shooting stick an equivalent of a very stable bipod.

If you prefer to use it as a monopod, simply unscrew the mounting base and mount it on the removable third leg/stand/stick and there you have it! A monopod that works tirelessly to give you the stability you demand for.

Fully Adjustable Heights

As we have mentioned earlier, the legs of this stick can also be extended to offer you a better shooting height. They usually extend within a range of 24 to 62 inches.

Once you have extended the legs to a height that allows you to aim at your target perfectly, you can lock it into position. How to do this?

The stick is suited with quick flip locks that tightly lock the legs into the set height.

Collapsible Legs for Easy Carrying

If you’re planning for a shooting activity that requires you travel a long distance, you won’t spend time figuring out how to carry the stick with you.

This is based on the simple fact that the legs can be folded to less than 2.5 feet. It will therefore slip into your bag without any issues. That the tool is lightweight is an added advantage to your trip.

Made from Heavy duty and superlight materials

Vanguard Quest T62U’s body is made using a heavy gauge aluminum alloy. This makes it a perfect stick that does not break easily when under heavy use. It supports all the heavy weapons out there- from semi-auto rifles, to bolt fed types, and so on.

What more, the stick weighs 2 pounds only, making the number one choice for travelers.

360 Degrees Swivel Range!

The removable U-shaped mounting base of this shooting stick swivels up to 360 degrees. This allows you to make shots at any angle of your choice without having to reposition the stick.

The mounting base can also be removed to allow the shooting stick to accommodate devices such as camera, binoculars, spotting scopes and so on.

4. Hammers 39-inch bungee corded, collapsible shooting stick

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The 39-inch bungee corded, collapsible shooting stick from Hammers makes up our fourth best shooting stick in the market.
This is a superlight shooting stick made from heavy gauge, anodized aluminum tubings of 3/8 inch diameter.

When fully collapsed, the stick has a small height of 14 inches only.

Its adjustable leg design is just wow! The legs length can be increased from 14 to 39 inches to give you improved accuracy shooting positions. If you’re a long range shooter, this stick will go a long way in helping you fire more accurately.

This shooting stick fits perfectly with any firearm out there. It has a comfortable mounting platform that embraces your firearm in the most stable position for delivering the finest shots. The mounting platform is designed in such a way that it does not scratch your rifle stock.

Above all, the stick comes with a carrying belt pouch, making it the most preferred choice for all the traveler shooters.

Features and Benefits of Hammers 39-inch bungee corded, collapsible shooting stick:

Made from Strong Aluminum Alloy

The Hammer’s shooting stick is constructed using a heavy gauge alloy of aluminum metal.

Therefore, the tool’s performance is above average in terms of supporting and stabilizing your gun and managing the recoil of your gun.

This stick is made to last for many years under regular heavy use.


The legs of the bipod are in form of tubing made from the above durable aluminum alloy. Since this alloy is a lightweight material, it makes the shooting stick very light.

The total, weight of the stick is 8 1/2 ounces. You won’t even notice a change in the weight of your bag when carrying it.

Adjustable Height Design

The legs of the shooting stick can be extended from a minimum height of 14 inches to a maximum height of 39 inches. This enables the accessory to increase your shooting accuracy from either a kneeling or sitting position.

The legs feature a rare design that allows them to elongate. They are bungee-corded. Rubber joints are also placed between the sections of the legs.

This lowers the noise produced when the legs are being extended.

Carbide Tips for Maximum grip

At the base of the stick legs, you’ll discover carbide tips. These have been put in place to provide a solid grip of the stick to any surface.

This takes the stick’s stability strength a notch higher.

Rubber Padded Mounting Base

The top tip f the stick is fitted with rubber pads that cradle your gun cautiously, preventing possible damage to it. Additionally, the rubber padding allows for panning movement.

This gives you a chance to rotate a gun on a horizontal level to obtain a better shooting angle.

Good deal for Travelers

When not in use, you can fold the corded sections of the stick to as low as 14 inches. After folding, you can then tie them up with the help of an elastic Velcro band.

The belt pouch that comes with the package makes carrying the stick very easy.

4. Hammers 39-inch bungee corded, collapsible shooting stick

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001BXVUN6″ locale=”US” src=”″ tag=”huntspot08-20″ width=”276″]

The 39-inch bungee corded, collapsible shooting stick from Hammers makes up our fourth best shooting stick in the market.
This is a superlight shooting stick made from heavy gauge, anodized aluminum tubings of 3/8 inch diameter.

When fully collapsed, the stick has a small height of 14 inches only.

Its adjustable leg design is just wow! The legs length can be increased from 14 to 39 inches to give you improved accuracy shooting positions. If you’re a long range shooter, this stick will go a long way in helping you fire more accurately.

This shooting stick fits perfectly with any firearm out there. It has a comfortable mounting platform that embraces your firearm in the most stable position for delivering the finest shots. The mounting platform is designed in such a way that it does not scratch your rifle stock.

Above all, the stick comes with a carrying belt pouch, making it the most preferred choice for all the traveler shooters.

Key Features and Benefits of POD RLD-3 Shooting Stick:

Strong and Durable

The BOG BOD shooting tool is made from rugged aluminum-a heavy duty material. It can bear any sort of abuse without breaking.

When supporting your firearm, it stands strong than never before.


An anodized finish that covers the whole surface of the stick is immune to rust. This prevents the rust monster from finding its way into the tool and destroying the aluminum metal.

For this reason, the stick will remain viable for a long time.


The high-strength aluminum utilized in the design of this stick is extremely light. An advantage for shooters who like travelling.

Also, it’s make your shooting process less cumbersome since it adds no weight to the mounted firearm.

Adjustable Legs

This feature automatically makes the shooting stick the tallest of all. I doubt if you’ve used a stick that extends from 22 to 88 inches before.

Getting a perfect shooting height becomes very simple. Adjusting to various heights is also easy. Throughout the leg length, there are inch markings that allow you to make more accurate measurements.

Presence of leg stops prevents you from overextending and possibly damaging the tool.

Comfortable V-rest that swivels to 360 degrees

The mounting base is covered with slip-free, scratch resistant rubber that ensures your gun’s stock safety.

The swiveling action of the platform enables you to adjust your rifle for shooting at any angle without changing the physical position of the stick.

Removable Rubber Feet With carbide Tips

The main function of these fitting at the base of your leg is to secure the stick firmly to any surface.

Easy carrying

Velcro Strap and Weather resistant bag are also available for easy transport.

6. Hammer’s Telescopic Shooting Tripod

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001ORBBP6″ locale=”US” src=”″ tag=”huntspot08-20″ width=”496″]

The last best shooting stick you should consider using to enhance your rifle’s stability and accuracy is the Hammer’s telescopic shooting stick. If you’re wondering whether this stick will work with your rifle, we have the right answer for you.

The stick comes with a well padded top tip that accommodates all types of gun. The rubber padding offers maximum grip to your gun as well as prevent it from being scratched.

The stick appears in the list of the most durable and lightweight products due to the high-strength/ superlight aluminum alloys use dot design it. Its height can be adjusted to allow you to use it various positions.

With a handful of impressive features presented to you at a very low price, this is shooting stick you can’t deny your rife the opportunity to use.

Features and Benefits of Hammer’s Telescopic Shooting Tripod:

Strong and Lightweight

As we’ve already stated, the three telescopic legs of the stick features a tubing made from heavy duty aluminum alloys. This makes the accessory very steady when put to action.

Height Adjustable Shooting Stick

You can increase the length of the legs from 25 to 68 inches for better shooting accuracy. Note that the different heights allow you to use the shooting stick in the kneeling, standing, and sitting positions. Which one do you prefer?

Pivoting Mounting Platform

The mounting platform rotates freely to enables you to align your rifle to a better shooting position. The mounting platform is also great in that it firmly holds your gun, allowing you to employ the simple off-hand shooting position.

Wear-resistant Carbide Tips for Added Stability

The bases of the legs of the shooting stick are fitted with carbide tips that are 100% wear resistant. Their main job is to give your shooting stick a better grip on rock hard surfaces. Rubber end caps that covers the feet also makes the stick grip firmly to any surface.

Good for Transport

The Velcro strap ties down the collapsible shooting stick, making it easy for you to carry. A nylon carrying pouch with a shoulder strap is among the things that come with the shooting stick package. It facilitates easy carrying of the accessory.

5 Tips To Use Shooting Stick The Right Way

Despite the fact that’s shooting sticks comes in many varieties, all of them conform to a common denominator- they dramatically improve you’re your shooting activities. But that is ONLY possible when they’re used correctly.

Below are 5powerful tips on how to use a shooting stick correctly:

  1. Never rush to use the shooting stick. Take your time to identify a solid ground. Once you have an ideal ground, go ahead and carefully anchor the sticks.
  2. Come up with a proper shooting position. The correct definition of a proper shooting position is one that makes you feel comfortable when shooting. You can choose to shoot when standing, kneeling, or sitting- it all depends on you. A comfortable shooting position translates to precise shots
  3. Make fine adjustments. As you’ve already seen, shootings sticks come with cool flexibility features such as panning, swiveling, etc. Use these features to make fine adjustments to your rifle if you want to increase your shooting accuracy.
  4. Don’t forget to choose the right height. If there’s one thing that can help you to shoot accurately with a shooting stick, it’s the height you choose to use. This height will highly depend on the nature of the terrain/environment you’re shooting from.
  5. Mount your rifle properly. Most people don’t know how to mount a rifle on a shooting stick. They usually mount the gun barrel on the stick which is very wrong. This ends up messing with their accuracy and they blame the shooting stick for their own problems. Always mount the fore end part of your gun to the tool for the best results.

Using A Shooting Stick For Deer Hunting: How Effective Is It?

The desire to perform better and be the best among pairs is a feeling that is peculiar to everyone no matter what level or role you play with a firearm. However, experience has shown of being a pro shooter is not merely a matter of skill and focus. Most times your weaponry matters a great deal.

Whether you’re a rookie or an expert shooter, there’s no doubt you need the best tools and equipment to improve your hunting experience and make the sport more enjoyable. This is important especially in some situations where hitting the target seems difficult even with proper aiming.

The shooting stick is a tool that can help you make sure about every pull of your trigger counts in the fastest and most accurate way. It is a portable weapon mount used by hunters and other field shooters to provide rest, reduce motion and improve accuracy, and could be monopod, bipod or tripod.

An excellent shooting stick can enhance your precision and helps to take the pressure off your body when you’re making a shot. This is why it’s vital to do your homework before putting out your money for one. You don’t want the equipment to break halfway in the field while you’re in action.

Most shooting sticks usually come with straps or packs which make them easier to carry out. Depending on their making and design, they may have one leg (monopod), two legs (bipods) or three legs (tripods).

Another kind of shooting stick which is often seen with snipers is the field pod, which is quite more extensive and more suited for long distance shooting.

The usage of shooting sticks for deer hunting is as old as the firearm. Even before they were fully developed into what they are today, most hunters used it occasionally for making incredible long shots.

Today, their usefulness is undisputed even though many people still consider them as cumbersome.

When it is properly set, a shooting stick can augment your shooting stance helping you to brace yourself so that you can take a destructive shot at the deer you intend to target.

Since their height is adjustable, you will find them extremely helpful if you are planning to explore a brush country in search of deer.

Shooting stick vs. Bipod

Shooting sticks and bipods are two great accuracy and stability enhancing tools that have ever been invented for your rifle. If you have used both tools, you know this better.

However, the main difference between the two accessories is that shooting sticks have a higher degree of flexibility compared to their counterpart. They offer you more mobility options such as swiveling mounting base, higher range of shooting heights, and so much more.

Shootings sticks are also bit faster to deploy.

Final Verdict

Which was our best shooting stick in the above list? We’re sure you have selected the most suitable one for you. If not, you need to pick one as soon as now and start improving your shooting accuracy and speed.

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