Top 3 Best Bipod For M1A Reviewed: Grab The Right One

If you want to increase the accuracy of your M1A rifle and achieve a pleasurable shooting experience, you need to update your bipod from the old version you have been using to a new, special version designed for use with your rifle.

With a variety of qualities, price catalogs, brands, heights, etc, to pick from, finding a good bipod for your rifle becomes almost impossible. Yet, it must be done if you’re dead serious about enhancing the accuracy of your M1A.

Good news are here!

We carefully examined bipods from celebrated brands that could make your shooting experience with your M1A interesting and memorable.

The culmination of our research landed us into a couple of bipods which we’re going to share with you shortly. Our choices were based on user opinions and your specific M1A rifle requirements for precise shooting.

Best Bipod for M1A: Sprgfld M1A M2 Bipod

The market couldn’t offer you a better bipod to attach to your M1A rifle and enhance its exactness in shooting than this one. It is our top-ranking bipod you need to start using with your M1A today and start experiencing positive results instantly.

It is a heavy duty, military-style product designed by Springfields Armory- one of the best brands for manufacturing high-quality armor products (do your research and the internet will prove this to you)

The bipod clamps directly and perfectly to the gas cylinder of your rifle without messing with your accuracy.

It gives you an excellent support for your heavy weapon, keeping you free from fatigue that might catch up with you after holding the gun for too long.

It means that you’ll be more energetic and prepared to fire the most precise shots.

Sprgfld M1A M2 Bipod is the best and the BEST bipod for use with an M1A. It works like magic when attached to the M1A. It meets all your expectations- you’d think it was designed together with your rifle.

Key Features and Benefits of Sprgfld M1A M2 Bipod:

Attaches easily to your M1A

If you’re looking for a bipod that hugs your gun so tightly that it attains a high level of stability, this bipod is your answer. It has a standard GI clamp that directly attaches to the gas cylinder of the rifle.

Such are the best conditions for your rifle to make excellent shots. You’ll be mesmerized at how great your rifle’s accuracy is effected immediately you mount it on this bipod.

Your beautiful stock is well-cared for. It won’t acquire any ugly scratches as a result of the right holding.

It’s a strong bipod

This bipod is made from hard steel, a heavy duty metal. This gives your bipod the mush strength it deserves for it to hold the heavy weight of your gun without shaking/wobbling.

Additionally, the bipod’s strong materials allow it to stand many years under frequent use. It’s simply a buy once use forever bipod.


All over, the bipod is curved with black matte finish. This is a rustproof coating that shields the rust-vulnerable steel from the harmful effects of rusting.

Another reason to believe that the bipod will serve you many years to come. Your grandchildren might inherit it from you.


The heavy duty materials used to make this bipod are also lightweight. The total weight of this bipod is 24 ounces. It increases the convenience of carrying the bipod over long distances.

Fully Adjustable Height

As expected! The legs of this bipod fully extend from 12 to 16 inches. You might have a particular shooting height that you always prefer to use with your M1A. And the extendable legs of this bipod excellently facilitate that.

Best Harris Bipod for M1A: Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 – 9-Inch Bipod

Harris Engineering, the world’s best seller of top quality bipods, would have missed the point if they didn’t offer the market a bipod for use with M1A. It’s therefore with great confidence that we recommend you to use the Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 – 9-Inch BiPod, as the Harris best bipod for M1A.

We needn’t say much about the strength of this bipod.


It’s known all over the world that bipods from this company are the strongest and most durable.

Let’s dwell on how it facilitates accuracy of your M1A rifle…

This bipod has a quick attach/detach system that allows you to deploy it much faster. It perfectly clamps to the factory installed sling swivel stud on your rifle.

And if by any chance your M1A lacks this feature, Harris goes a step deeper to compensate for that. They have an M1A/m14 adapter that you can install on your rifle and start using this great bipod.

Features and Benefits of Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 – 9-Inch Bipod:

Ability to vary the shooting height

One way to obtain the accuracy of your rifle when mounted on a bipod involves adjusting the bipod legs. This bipod allows you to adjust its height from 6 to 9 inches.

The legs are designed in such a way that you can extend the legs at 1-inch intervals. This makes it completely easy to extend the legs to a height of your liking.

Durable and Strong

Like any other Harris bipod you have ever used, this bipod is super strong. It is designed from heavy duty metals. That’s the sole reason why it supports your heavy M1A gun in a stable manner.

With the gun resting on a bipod, you’ll have an easy time working behind to obtain a sharp focus.

Increased flexibility

The bipod is a “Series S” product from Harris Engineering. Bipods in this series are known to swivel to either side due to the hinged base feature. This allows you to level the rifle instantly on uneven ground.

Runner Up: NcStar M1A/M14 Bipod

A runner-up to the above best bipods for M1A is here. It’s another great bipod capable of stabilizing your firearm and enhancing accuracy.

It is one of the high-quality bipods from NcStar brand. It has an excellent quick release mount which works exemplary fine.

What makes it an ideal bipod for you M1A?

Are you already wondering?

Good. Here’s the answer: NcStar M1A/M14 Bipod comes with a universal barrel mount that enables you to attach it to any standard rifle barrel out there. Your M1A is not an exception.

You’ll have an easy time attaching the bipod to the rifle’s gas cylinder (that’s where you ought to attach the bipod for the best results)

Features and Benefits of NcStar M1A/M14 Bipod:

Extremely Easy to use

It is one of the newest bipods in the NcStar line of such products. It comes with a new quick release mouth design never seen before in the market.

With this mount, attaching and detaching your gun is indeed easy.

It takes only a simple push of the button and the bipod is attached or detached from your M1A.

Made from Heady duty materials

The bipod is also one of the few strongest bipods in the market. It remains strong even after many years of regular use. It bears abuses of all sorts without showing any weakness signs.

It gives your gun a cool resting platform that is very stable.

Note that the hay duty materials used to make this bipod (i.e. steel and aluminum) are also extremely light. Thus, the bipod does not add weight to the fore end of your gun once mounted.

Foldable Legs

For easy carrying, the legs of this bipod swivel in both extended and stowed positions.

One more thing before you go…

Adapter for M1A: M1A / M14 Bipod Adapter

We were highly convinced that this adapter will be of great help to you. We went ahead to fetch come details about it, and we’re happy to present our finding to you below:

Sometimes you might find it hard to use your rifle with some great bipods such as the Harris we’ve just discussed above. In such conditions, an adapter such as the one above becomes handy.

That’s why we recommend you to have one in your shooting bag.

The above adapter has been specially designed for use with either M1A or M14 rifles. Whether the stock of your rifle is made from polymer or wood is no reason to worry.

The adapter works well with both materials.

How the adapter helps you?

It simply allows you to install a sling swivel stud on your rifle stock. That way, you can use it with Harris bipods as well as other bipods.

Key Feature of the Adapter:

  • Though tiny, this adapter allows you to attach any bipod securely to your M1A. Its fits perfectly well. It turns your standard M1A into a universal kind that works with any bipod that supports the sling swivel stud feature.
  • Made from rock-solid strong to enhance its strength and durability. After viewing this adapter, you need no more prove that it will stand many years of use. You’ll clearly see how well it has been designed and how sturdy it feels.

The adapter is simple, efficient and perfect. But you need to note one thing. NEVER over torque the adapter! This might end up cracking or damaging your gun stock.

Final Verdict

If you always employ M1A rifle for all your shooting activities, you’ll find this post a gem for you. It presents you with the best bipods to use along with your rifle to enhance its accuracy.

An intensive research was done before writing this post to ensure that ONLY genuine bipods that meet all your specific needs are mentioned in the post.

  • Updated May 4, 2018
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