Best Bipod For Coyote Shooting Reviewed: Choose The Right One

Coyote hunting… Oh, the fun and addictive activity are on again! An excellent rifle is the main tool to get this job done. But irrespective of how great your gun is, chances of taking down a coyote will always be very slim.

It is mainly because your gun is not always stable and is not able to aim accurately due to uneven grounds.

Adding a bipod to your gun, however, solves all your problems instantly. It keeps you on the right track to killing more coyotes than your mind could picture.

Picking the best bipod for coyote shooting from the many bipods that populate the market is always a hard task. But we’ve always promised to guide you through your bipod shopping journey.

That’s why we have come up with this post to give you the best bipods to use on your coyote bipod.

Note: All the bipods mentioned here are those used by experts to successfully shoot coyotes.

Best Bipod For Coyote Shooting: 

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base BipodP:

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One of the best bipods that will give you a good position to kill a coyote instantly is the Harris S-BRM hinged base 6-9 inch bipod. Looking at its unique features, it’s no doubt that the bipod will help you bag as many coyotes as you’d like.

You can easily extend the legs of this accessory to obtain perfect shooting positions.

Similar to all the other bipods that come from Harris, this bipod is made from heavy duty metals. The bipod will, therefore, steady your gun, enabling you to take accurate shots.

Features and Specifications of Harris S-BRM hinged base bipod:

The Bipod is Very Stable

One of the top benefits you’ll enjoy when using this bipod is the level if stability it grants you. As a coyote hunter, you know that the stability of your gun when aiming at this game is one of the factors that determine whether you’ll make a clean kill shot.

The bipod is rock solid strong. Thus, it holds your gun without doing any wobbling movements.

Long Lasting

Harris S-BRM hinged base bipod was constructed from heavy duty metals. These materials are aluminum and steel part. Aluminum covers most parts of the bipod while steel covers the mounting platforms.

The metals give the bipod a healthy life. They make it so strong such that it can undergo abuse of any kind without breaking. It supports the weight of all the popular coyote hunting guns.


The bipod is extremely light. It measures 13oz. After mounting it to your gun, therefore, it does not add any weight. You’ll be able to hunt conveniently for coyotes in the fields with the bipod attached to your rifle.

Adjustable Legs

The shooting position you assume when shooting a coyote matters a lot. If you’re not comfortable, you might miss your target. And that feel terrible. Therefore, this bipod ensures you aim accurately and shoot precisely.


You can adjust its legs from 6 to 9 inches. It translates to 5 height settings.

If the ground you’re shooting from the surface that is not even, making height adjustments will help compensate for this. You’ll easily adjust and obtain perfect height to kill the coyote with a nice single shot!

The Legs are Foldable for Easy Storage

Carrying the bipod in you shooting is one of the easiest things. You only need to fold the arms together and slip it into your bag. When folded the bipods, occupy less space in your bag and fit well.

You can also fold the bipods while still mounted on your gun. You can do this in either backward of forwarding motions. When folded, you can easily move around, tracing the coyote.

Rubber Padded to Prevent Damage to your Stock

The mounting platform of the bipod is suited with rubber pads. It ensures that your gun does not interact with the heavy duty metals that make the bipod. Therefore, it’s protected from potential damages and scratches.

Flexible Bipod

The bipod comes with a hinged base. It enables you to rotate your gun on its axis. It is especially helpful if the coyote you’re planning to shoot is making a movement.

You’ll be able to follow it closely by rotating your gun through an arc. Once you’re ready, you’ll make an excellent shot that kills the game instantly!

Runner Up: UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Center Height 8.3"- 12.7"

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B0035L35A8" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="355"]

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Center Height 8.3"- 12.7" is another great bipod to take with you to your coyote hunting sessions. Te bipod is popular among expert coyote hunters due to the many accuracies enhancing features it comes with.

The simple fact that the bipod works well with all Picatinny rail and swivel stud mountings qualifies it to be used with all the firearms you employ when shooting a coyote.

The bipod is rock solid strong. It gives your weapon a steady support from which you can quickly kill any coyote that stands on your scope. With adjustable legs that allow you to enjoy a wide shooting range, making precise shots becomes fun and easy.

Features and Benefits of UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Center Height 8.3"- 12.7":

Lasts for Years of Heavy Use

The bipod is made in the USA using heavy duty aluminum metal. The mounting platform is made from hardened steel which is also a heavy duty metal. It makes the bipod so strong that it can stabilize your gun, no matter how heavy it proves to be.

Panning Improves its Flexibility

The panning allowance present in this bipod is a rare feature in most bipods out there. It enables you to move your gun from left to right to make a clear, sharp focus on the coyote.

A Wide Range of Shooting Positions to Choose From

The legs of this bipod are adjustable from 8.3 inches all the way to 12.7 inches. This means that you can adjust it to various heights until you land on the most suitable one.

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A good shooting height makes you comfortable as you get ready to fire a shot. What’s more, you can take the shot while sitting, kneeling or lying- the choice is yours.

Rubber Feet Improves Stability

The legs of the bipod are fitted with durable rubber materials. Their use? They help increase the stability of your gun by holding the bipod firmly to the ground.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re shooting the coyotes to stop them from invading your livestock or for competition purpose, mounting your gun on a bipod is the top secret to bagging as many coyotes as possible.

The above-mentioned bipods fit well with all guns used for coyote hunting. Try them today and feel the change they’ll introduce to your shooting life.

Here's a quick video to help you get started with coyote hunting:

Happy coyote shooting!

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