Uncle Mikes Instructor Belt Review: Should You Buy?

If you’re having troubles carrying your concealed weapon on your waist, then chances are high you’re using the wrong gun belt.
But we have important news for you…

We have gotten the most effective gun belt for carrying your firearm to any place safely and conveniently. Before we go any further, this is the Uncle Mikes Instructor belt.

It has a rigid, double layer durable nylon construction which minimizes the effects of sagging and wearing evidenced in other belts out there.

In the following Uncle Mikes Instructor Belt review, we usher you into the great features this belt offers you at a very affordable price…

Features and Benefits of uncle mikes instructor belt:

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  • Durable
  • Solid
  • Adjustable
  • Cheap
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comfortable to wear
  • thumbs-o-up
    Polymer prevents rolling


  • Sizing is a challenge if you prefer to use the Velcro
  • Acceptable finish for its price

Fits on All Pants

The first thing we’d like to let you know about this belt is that it works on all pants. This is made possible by the fact that the belt is only 1.5 inches wide.

I doubt if your pants loops are smaller than this. Whether you’re wearing a BDU, khaki, or jeans, the belt will bypass them easily and swiftly.

Double Layer, Durable Nylon Construction

Uncle Mikes Instructor belt is based on the classic riggers or rescue belt. This means that it should have a durable tactical design to enable it to perform the intended task excellently.

Luckily the belt does not disappoint at all. It comes with a super stiff nylon body with nice black webbing. What’s more, the durable nylon material is double layered to reinforce its strength.

Such a heavy duty design tells you one thing. The belt does not sag or stretch (which automatically leads to wearing off) when using your firearm, no matter how heavy it is.

Polymer Reinforced

We’ve just discussed the stiffness of this belt, thanks to the double layer nylon body. But his is not enough…

In between the two layer of nylon runs yet another strong material. This material is none other than the rugged polymer. The overall significance of sandwiching polymer between the nylon materials is that it prevents the belt from rolling when handling your heavy firearm as well as other items.

Stopping the belt from rolling is a problem that many gun belts suffer. Their manufacturers are also unable to solve this problem. This design is, therefore, a Thumbs Up for Uncle Mikes brand!


This caught you smiling (I know).

This Uncle Mikes awesome tactical belt comes at relatively low prices that meet your budget needs. Due to the great features, we found in this belt, especially the heavy-duty design, we expected the belt to sell at a higher price.

But we were very wrong!

And when we compared it to other expensive belts, we were surprised. Uncle Mikes Instructor Belt has superior features compared to these belts yet their prices are discouraging.

Overall, we’re convinced that this is the best gun belt deal so far.

Available in Different Sizes

What’s your waist size?

You definitely know the answer to this question, right? Great! Let’s move on...

Good news is that Uncle Mikes have made this belt available in different sizes to help meet the waist sizes of different users. You’ll be able to select a belt between 32 and 54 inches.

But as the professionals would recommend, it’s always advisable to pick a belt that is about 2 inches higher longer that your waist size for convenient use.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. How wide is this belt? Will it fit on my jeans?

Uncle Mikes Instructor belt is only 1.5 inches wide. This means that it fits perfectly on the loops of all belts- from jeans, khakis, BDUs, etc.

2. I’ve waist size of 40 inches. Will I find a belt that fits perfectly on my wait?

Sure, you’ll get one. The manufacturer produces different sizes of this belt o meet your waist size needs.

3. Does this gun belt sag under the weight of a heavy firearm?

NO! The belt f made from a double layer of stiff nylon material to help it resist the urge to sag or roll. On top of this, a heavy-duty polymer material is inserted between the two nylon layers to prevent rolling.

Final Verdict

Uncle Mikes Instructor Belt is a great product from Uncle Mikes. It’s a great, flawless tactical belt that puts gun belts from big brands to shame.

The belt comes with a heavy-duty design and is available in different sizes to meet your gun belt needs. Above all, it has the best price of a gun belt on the market!

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