Why I Prefer Using Turkey Hunting Vest With A Seat?

Personally, I regard the turkey hunting vest as one of my essential hunting gear for the obvious reasons.

By investing in the best turkey hunting vest, you’ll enjoy the benefit of having multiple pockets and storage spaces where you can pack all your essential gear plus a convenient pouch where you can carry the birds you’ve managed to hunt down.

But I also mind my comfort when buying this hunting gear. And this is where my love for the turkey hunting vests with a seat comes in…

Why Use A Turkey Hunting Vest With A Seat?

Enjoy Maximum Comfort

Almost all the top models available on the market today come with a fully padded seat that will make you feel comfortable throughout your hunting period.

I simply figure out that it would be impractical to go for turkey vests without a seat. These will force you to sit on cold, hard floor for the entire day- given that hunting game is a waiting game.

On the contrary, vests with a seat offer you a layer of protection that ensures you rest comfortably. The more comfortable you are in your stand, the more you’ll be able to focus on your target and bag them easily.

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    Take Aim Comfortably

    Also, being comfortable in your hunting stand means being able to aim at the birds comfortably. Bearing in mind that you always try to make yourself comfortable before firing at your target, these vest models will help you achieve that comfort easily so that you can concentrate more on taking down that gobbler!

    With that information in mind, now allow me to share with you some important considerations that I make when looking for a turkey vest with a seat…

    How Do You Get The Best Turkey Hunting Vest With A Seat?

    The answer to this question is mainly based on your personal preferences as well as your hunting situation.

    Lightweight Design

    A turkey vest with a seat will just be too cumbersome for me to carry… you might be thinking.

    But that’s not the case since there are incredibly lightweight models that you’ll have an easy time carrying to any place you wish in the turkey woods.

    Detachable Seat

    Some turkey hunting vests with a seat allow you to easily detach the seat while others don’t.

    If you want to have an easy time carrying the vest into your preferred hunting area, you’ll need to go for the former design.

    Apparently, detaching the seat from a turkey vest makes it more portable and less bulky to carry around.

    Foldable or Four-Legged Seat Design?

    Most of the turkey hunting vests seats come in two main designs- four-legged and foldable designs.

    I prefer models with fold-in leg design, and I’ll tell you why. These seats will usually stand on four legs which you can easily fold in to make the seat compact for easy carry. What’s more, they can support a broad range of turkey hunters whose weight is below average.

    However, if you weigh above average- probably over 200 lbs. - I’d advise you to go for four-legged designs that don’t fold in.

    I've got a heavyweight buddy whose fold-in seat can’t just take the stress- in particular on the uneven, rocky and root laden surfaces. The result is that he has broken two of them.


    Then, of course, you’ll need to look for a seat that’s height adjustable.

    Yes, the market has such seats available, and they’ll go a long way in allowing you to increase or decrease your seat height to match your hunting situations.

    Final Verdict

    It’s crystal-clear that a turkey hunting vest with a seat enable you to enjoy maximum comfort in the woods as you wait for your target gobbler to come along. The top brands in the field have realized the importance of integrating a seat to their vest designs. And you’ll find almost all the top-quality vest models featuring a comfy seat.

    Given that these seats are detachable, you’ll have no challenges transporting them to your preferred hunting location.

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