How to Make Synthetic Deer Attractant That Actually Works

Deer urine is highly utilized by numerous hunters to aid in attracting the deer to a specific hunting area in the forested areas or field. In this way, the hunter is able to bring his prey nearer to him without necessarily wandering around the woods looking for it.

Whenever the urine and any other deer scents are utilized, the primary action the hunters must do to do is hold on and check whether the deer gets the aroma and comes to explore the area.

Where exactly do you get the deer urine for this purpose?

Well, you simply can gather deer pee from a slaughtered deer. And if that is not possible, you can make something that will smell exactly the same way deer urine smell and attract the deer with it.

This might sound impossible to you for now, but after reading the following guide on how to come up with your own deer urine and use it in the fields, you will be surprised at how it will help draw in the large buck you are targeting like a charm!

In this project of making synthetic deer urine, there are several things you will need in your tools basket before you begin.

These items are a basin, Urea, Water, Smelling salts, Gallon jug, and a Scoop.

All these items are readily available and you only need to pick them (if you don’t have any urea, you can get it at your local farm supply store at very cheap prices)- less or no cash spent!

Assuming you have already put together the above items, let’s embark n our process of creating deer urine at home…

Directions to Follow

  1. ​Fill the bucket with urea (pour the content halfway).

    As we did mention earlier, you can purchase the urea at your local farm supply store, given that it is utilized frequently as an approach to build the nitrogen levels in gardens.
  2. Next, fill your bucket with water. But don’t fill it such that the contents will start overflowing. Leave at least an inch at the top.
  3. Slowly mix the two items (water and urea) through stirring to completely blend them.

    Be mindful as you do this so that you do not to spill any content. After you have fully mixed the ingredients, allow it settle for around 24 hours.
  4. Now, after the 24 hours are over, put the funnel over empty one gallon milk can.
  5. With the help of a one cup-size ladle, scoop the fluid off the top part of the bucket and empty it into your jug.

    You would prefer not to lift the container and pour given the fact that you don't need any strong bits of Urea that are still in the container to end up escaping into the jug.

    Fill the container with eight up to cups of liquid- this is equivalent of one gallon.
  6. Eventually add 1/4 cup of ammonia to your jug. Put the jug lid on and thoroughly shake the container to blend all the ingredients together.

Bottom Line

Congrats! You have successfully made some synthetic deer urine attractant from your home. Probably the next step you should take is transport this attractant to your hunting area, sprinkle it appropriately, and wait in your stand.

It won’t take long before the strong scent of this attractant reaches the deer and they will come looking for it. And you will easily figure out how to make a nice shot that clean kills the already tricked deer.

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Bryan - November 30, 2017

Is ammonia substitute for smelling salts and what evidence do we have that it works.
I have paid good money for fake smell to not have them work,in Ontario Canaada we
can not use the real scents from animals due to CWD and just synthetic lures can be purchased
I thank you for your response in advance
Regards Bryan


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