Fenix Flashlights TK61 1000-Lumen Flashlight Review

Do you always find yourself at the crossroads whenever you’re trying to pick the best flashlight?


You’re not only alone in this. Many other people always find it hard to pick the right flashlight that perfectly meets their needs, and stays for long. This is expected since every brand pampers its flashlight with all the best features, making you unable to make a wide decision.

But today, we’re here to give you a permanent solution to the above problem. The best to solve this problem is to pick for you a flashlight that we’ve already used, tested and have enough knowledge of how it works. If you ever need to buy a long-lasting flashlight, with NO ordinary performance, always go for Fenix tk61 flashlight.

It has met all our expectations of a great flashlight. We guarantee you that you’ll NEVER have any regrets for using this torch…

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  • Durable to endure the toughest environments
  • Waterproof design
  • Uses the superior CREE LED technology
  • Extremely portable
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    User-friendly interface


  • No lockout
  • It's big

Special Features and Benefits:

Utilizes the High-Power CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Technology

Yes! Fenix Flashlight TK61 is a CREE flashlight. It uses the latest CREE XM-L2 U2 LED technology to give you an infinite amount of brightness. The single CREE bulb used has maximum output rated at 1000 lumens. 1000 lumens can simply be defined as sufficient amount of light to help you operate successfully in all challenging situations.

It’s also interesting to note that the CREE technology has a long lifespan. It lasts for as long as 50, 000 hours. What a good way to enjoy the CREE technology in top quality Fenix flashlight!

Ability to Switch Between Different Brightness Modes

Using Fenix TK61 flashlight in all conditions, including in an emergency, has never gotten this fun! You can now be able to vary the amount of brightness that comes out of the LED lamp. The Strobes and SOS signals are also included.

You’ll each brightness mode a vital asset depending on the situation you’re in. Switching from one mode to another is also extremely easy. This is due to the presence of an easy to operate dual push button switch.

Let’s look at how the various brightness modes work when employed:

  • Turbo Mode: 1,000 lumens for 4.3 hours
  • High Mode: 400 lumens for 14 hours
  • Medium Mode: 130 lumens for 46 hours
  • Low Mode: 20 lumens for 200 hours
  • Strobe: 1,000 lumens (ideal mode for self-defense when under attack)
  • SOS: 130 lumens

Digitally Regulated Output

A flashlight whose output is digitally regulated means that it outputs light of constant brightness. This concept has been used in this flashlight to ensure it stays true to your brilliant illumination needs.

At last, you’ll get a better light whose brightness does not fade no matter how long you out it On.

Exceptional Flashlight Performance

The performance displayed by this torch when in use is above average. It’s far from what you get from the ordinary flashlight. As we’ve already said, the light uses a single CREE U2 LED lamp to output a total of lumens.

Now, the beam produced by the same lamp covers a distance of 824 meters (or 2703 feet). This is the best throw distance you’d expect from any high-quality light. It goes deeper than you expect.

Reverse Polarity Protection

What will happen if you improperly install the batteries in your torch? Most probably, short-circuiting will take place. And your light might suffer from a permanent functionality disability. But things are totally different with Fenix TK61.

It comes with a reverse polarity protection feature. This helps shield your light from the impending danger of improper installation of batteries.

It is Durable and Strong

Fenix would have made the highest level of discrimination in its line of the flashlight if it failed to employ durable materials in the construction of this particular product. All their lights are made from the rigid aluminum material used in the construction of airplane parts.

This sets the torch far from the low-quality plastic models that break as soon as they hit any not-so-hard ground. This torch will hit a concrete ground and continue working normally: with its functionality and original shape unaffected.

Here’s a nigh shot video with Fenix TK61 Flashlight:

Coated with Anti-Abrasive Finish

Although it’s the hardest of all metals in the word, the above aluminum metal alloy might not survive the rusting effect. That’s why Fenix decided to cover it with a premium Type III hard anodized finish. Have you ever laid your eyes on the coating on tools used in the military such a bipods, shooting sticks, etc.?

If yes, then you know what type III hard anodized finish looks like. It is used to prevent any form of corrosion to the flashlight. The finish is also scratch resistant.

Top Quality Lens

What about the lens of this flashlight? They have the top quality necessary for them to give you an exceptional performance when using the light. The lens is made from toughened mineral glass materials.

See also:

This ensures that it does not break easily when subjected to some abuses. Since it’s made from the mineral glass materials, the lens is also crystal-clear. It allows all the light produced by the powerful CREE LED bulbs to pass through it.

One more thing that completes the lens’ top quality list: it has an anti-reflective coating. This further improves the amount of brightness produced by the LED lamp. It does this by ensuring that no light ray produced by the bulb suffers unnecessary reflections.

Instead, all the light is put into a single ultra bright beam that travels far and wide- to cover almost a kilometer!

Waterproof Design

The Fenix flashlight once again proves its readiness to never leave your side, no matter how tough the situation becomes. It comes with an IPX8 waterproof rating. This means that you can employ the light in heavy rains or water diving activities.

You can submerge the torch as deep as 2m for over 30 minutes. Imagine using a brightness of 1,000 lumens under 2m water depth? This will feel quite awesome, no doubt!

Impact Resistant

The flashlight has an impact resistance of 1m. This might be a bit low for the light compared to its rivals whose impact resistance is above 1m. However, the feature will still help prevent your torch from breaking into pieces or fail to function in case it hits hard ground.

Compact and Lightweight design

You can hold the torch in your hands for hours with you without feeling it too heavy, thanks to its compact and lightweight design. The Torch is 216mm long, has a 52.5mm diameter body, and 96mm head diameter. These dimensions prove that Fenix TK61 is a handheld light. Also, you’ll have an easy time carrying it in your pocket.

At 600g, the light is also among the lightest from Fenix. This adds to its portability properties.

Frequently Answer Questions

1. Does this flashlight come with a warranty?

Absolutely! The torch comes with a limited lifetime warranty if you buy it from Fenix Lighting, US.

2. The output of this flashlight is digitally regulated. What does this mean?

It means that the flashlight can maintain a more consistent output throughout the batteries’ life.

3. Which batteries are compatible with Fenix TK 61?

The torch supports 4×18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries or 8xCR123 non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

Final Verdict

This is a unique product in the family of Fenix Lighting flashlight. It’s designed o ultra-long reach and extended runtime to give you the best lighting experience.

It is engineered using the hardest materials to endure the toughest situations. It has a portable design. It offers different brightness modes. It is economical to run. Fenix TK61 is simply the torch you need to buy today and bring endless brightness to your life!

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