10 Best Turkey Decoys For The Money: Review & Buying Guide (2018)

Turkey hunting decoys are absolutely the best way to bag as many turkeys as possible. The technology involved in the design of these vital turkey hunting tools has a come a long way. And here we’re today- we’re using the finest, newest, and perfect decoys on the market. Their realism is unbelievable.

They have all lifelike attributes, from the head to legs. Their feathers look so real, and you’d even want to reach out to them and touch. And the most important thing about them is that they last for longer years with all sorts of abuses.

While the turkey decoys are the real game changers in the way, we hunt turkeys, NOT all of them have the quality features we’ve mentioned above. Some are so poor that they can’t attract even a foolish gobbler to your setup.

To help you experience the many benefits of using a turkey decoy, we conducted some deep research on the market to identify the best models.

Here are our findings:



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Top TEN Best Turkey Decoys Available on the Market

1. Avian-X Breeder Turkey Decoy Review:

Avian-X Breeder turkey decoy is one of the most realistic and effective decoys to ever have hit the market. The decoy rises from the line of LCD (Lifelike Collapsible decoy) of Zink and is a breeder hen in a receptive posture.

Everything about this decoy looks 100% real. It assumes a squatted position with dropped wings and high-exposed rump to lure any incoming gobbler into believing that it’s ready for mating. When the opportunity presents itself in front of you, you’ll surely have adequate time to make a precise shot that puts the life of Tom or Jake to a halt.

If you pair this decoy with the Avian-X Quarter Strut Jake and set the two in such a way that they appear to be about to mate, the jealous boss gobbler will come ready for a fight. It will give you a nice opportunity to shoot it down without any struggle.

Features and Benefits of Avian-X Breeder Turkey Decoy:

Durable Construction

This turkey decoy is made from Dura-rubber, a heavy duty material that ensures that it assumes the shape of a real wild turkey when it’s fully inflated. The material neither wears off nor gets dents. This means that you’ll enjoy using the decoy for many years.

Incredible feather detail

The feather work that comes with this decoy is amazing. It resembles that of a real life turkey. The feathers have some added texture and set into incredible lines, similar to those of the real hens. No Tom and Jake will run away from this opportunity.

Realistic No-Flake Paint

What about the paint that covers the whole decoy body? Believe it or not, it is also realistic paint. Given that this paint does not fade with time, it allows your decoy to maintain the charming, attractive look for many generations.

Easy to transport

The decoy is designed in such a way that you can quickly inflate and deflate it down for easy transportation to your hunting location. This is made possible by the fact that it bears a bicycle like a tube valve at its bottom part.

The valve efficiently lets air in and out. If you wish to carry the turkey in inflated form, however, your wish is granted. The decoy comes with a cotton carry bag that gives you a suitable place for carrying it in the inflated form.

Features a One Piece Collapsible Stake

This one-piece collapsible stake is specifically designed to enable the decoy to swivel in the event of the slightest breeze. This increases the motion of the decoy, making the gobbler strongly believe that it’s a real hen ready for a mating session.

Completely Easy to Deploy

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll have an easy time inflating this decoy for use, thanks to the tube valve it comes with. Additionally, the decoy comes with a fine sharpened tip to facilitate easy placement on the hardest/most rocky grounds.

2. Avian-X Feeder Turkey Decoy Review:

Next on our list is Feeder Turkey Decoy, also from the family of Zink Avian-X series of LCD decoys. Unlike the earlier one,  AvianX feeder turkey decoy assumes the posture of a feeding hen turkey. It gives an incoming gobbler the illusion it’s safe to approach it. The decoy is 15% smaller than the real-life turkey.

It makes it completely easy to pack and carry along. Additionally, the small size makes the decoy appear less aggressive to the real hens.

Unlike most of the decoys out there, this one is made to last for many years without adopting any dents or chips. It is made from materials that make it appear so real that you might even confuse it with a real hen the first time you see it.

The overall true-to-life appearance and elegance of this decoy is an irresistible offer to every gobbler in the fields. Above all, the decoy comes at very affordable prices, and you’ll surely afford it eve when our on a budget.

Features and Benefits:

Dura-Rubber Construction

Dura-rubber is the solid material that has been used in the design of this decoy. It enables the decoy to maintain the posture and shape of a real life feeding hen when fully inflated.

The material is extremely durable and strong which means that it doesn’t get punctures easily. If you buy this decoy, you’ll simply be making a lifetime investment.

Realistic feather Network

The feather of this looks very real. They’ve been spiced with some texture to look like those of a real hen. They’re positioned in such a manner that a breeze that flows against them makes them move slightly.

This is exactly how you’d expect the feathers of a real turkey hen to react. Not even a genius gobbler will think that these features do not belong to a real hen.

Realistic Paint Scheme

Another feature that adds a sense of life to this lifeless turkey decoy is the realistic paint that covers its entire body. The paint gives the decoy a complete shape and resemblance of the real hen.

Highly portable

Similar to out earlier product, this decoy is an LCD model. This means that you can easily inflate or deflate it down to facilitate easy transport to your hunting spot. The best part is that the box comes with a cotton carry bag where you can safely carry the decoy in the inflated form.

Features a One-Piece Collapsible Stake

This serves the same purpose we’ve discussed in the above decoy: allowing the decoy to swivel when hit by the slight breeze, thus accelerating its motion.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up this decoy on your strategic position completely simple, thanks to the sharp tips of the stake that holds it firmly even on the hardest grounds. When setting up this decoy, you can opt to add it to your spread or use it alone (which means an easy setup).

3. Avian-X Jake Quarter Strut Decoy Review:

Zink X-Avian has all the turkey decoys you desperately need to increase the number of turkeys you take home. The AvianX jake quarter strut decoy is a good proof of this fact.

This decoy is also an LCD model. It’s made from the durable dura-rubber to eliminate cases of creases and dents, thus extending its lifespan. Unlike the rival Jake decoys on the market, this decoy resembles areal-lifee turkey all round: from its head, feathers, movement, etc.

When fully inflated, the Jake adopts a non-aggressive pose which lures all the subdominant and dominates gobblers into approaching it. The box also comes with a stake, carrying bag, and Zink turkeys hunters DVD- all at a one-off pocket-friendly price.

Features and Benefits:

Dura-rubber Construction

The heavy duty material enables the decoy to assume the shape of a real Jake when completely inflated. The material is also durable which means it does not entertain punctures. It’s ready to serve you for many years.

Extremely Portable

The decoy is lightweight for easy carry. It also comes with a carefully tailored cotton bag where you can easily carry it in inflated form. If you don’t wish to carry it in the inflated from, however, simply deflate it to collapsible form.

Realistic Feathers Design

Similar to all the other Zink Avian-X decoys, the feathers used in this decoy are very real. What’s more, they’re well laid out to match those of real wild turkey.

True-to-Life No-flake Paint scheme

The feathers on the entire body of this decoy are graced with camo paint which adds life to the decoy. The realistic paint scheme is No-flake which means that it does not fade or wear off as time goes by.

Easy to Set Up

Inflating the decoy to make it ready for use is super easy. To get the most of out of this decoy, we’d advise you to pair it with Avian-X breeding hen turkey decoys to draw the mating, stroking, and eventual the fighting instincts of older gobblers.

One-Piece Collapsible Stake Included

As with all the other decoys we’ve discussed before, the stake helps create some realistic movements in the event of the slightest breeze. The stake has a fine tip for easy placement on surfaces.

4. Miss Purr-fect by Montana Decoy Review:

If you woke up today and decided that you’ll only carry one turkey hen decoy to all turkey hunting missions, then Miss Purr-fect is the long-life companion you need. It will help you bag more wild turkeys that you think. The decoy employs the patented Perfect Pose Technology that allows you to tune the decoy into the most appropriate pose.

In other words, it is a multi-pose decoy. You’ll enjoy switching easily and quickly between feeding, looker pose, and so on.

All the attributes of this decoy are true to life. The different postures will help you catch the attention of the gobbler while the realism will make him make the necessary move.

Key Features:

  • Compresses to a compact size faster for convenient carry-pops out to full size, making it ready for use in a matter of seconds
  • It’s a realistic full-bodied hen that fits in your vest without difficulties
  • Utilized the Perfect Pose Technology to allow you to switch between the natural looking, feeding, and breeding poses
  • Comes with fabric feathers that move like real feathers when swept by the slightest breeze
  • An elastic strap and a strong leg pole hold the decoy in place

5. Avian-X Strutter Decoy Review:

Zink makes a comeback in our list of the best turkey decoys on the market today. But this time, it presents you with Avian-X Strutter Turkey Decoy.

This decoy is also an LCD model to facilitate easy carry. It’s also an ultra-realistic decoy featuring attributes which are completely similar to those of a real life turkey.

The decoy is 15% smaller that the true turkey. It ensures that it appears less dominant and more effective when in the fields. On top of all this incredible realism, the decoy comes with a cotton bag for easy carry to any place.

The strutter is set to exhibit a non-aggressive pose which attracts both dominant and non-dominant gobblers like nothing else.

Key Features:

  • Made from the strong and highly durable dura-rubber material which ensures that it last for many years free of dents ad creasing
  • One piece folding stake facilitates realistic movements without spinning. The stake is 24” long to make the decoy sit on a higher level for better visibility
  • Comes with carry bag for convenient transport to the hunting field
  • Lightweight turkey decoy
  • Completely easy to set up
  • The entire body is decorated with realistic no-flake paint scheme which rarely fades
  • Real-life feather work puts all the dominant turkeys on their toes behind the decoy, ready to whip its behind

6. Spring Fling by Montana Decoy Review:

If you’re a successful hunter, you clearly understand what the toms are looking for in the spring woods. And time is ripe to give them exactly what they want- the Spring Fling Turkey Decoy.

The new 2D decoy by Montana has been designed using an HD photo of hen moments before she was bred, making it as real as you wish it to be. You can opt to use this decoy alone or along other turkey tom decoys.

In either case, the charismatic and seductive pose provided by this decoy send an invitation that any smart Tom can’t afford to turn down. Similar to all the other Montana decoys, Spring Fling Hen Turkey Decoy folds up quietly and quickly for easy carrying and has very attractive prices.

Key Features:

  • Folds up to a flat compact size of 10” by 6” for easy carrying-pops out in seconds, making it quick to deploy at all times
  • Printed with a HD of a breeding hen adds the much realism you’re looking for in any decoy
  • Pairs wonderfully with all Montana Tom and Jake decoys
  • Ultra light weight (8ounes only)
  • Comes with leg pole which firmly holds it to any chosen location

7. Flambeau Turkey Love Triangle Set Decoy Review:

Flambeau Turkey must have been actively involved their creative mind when making this decoy. As its name suggest, the decoy is a love triangle comprising of three decoys made from lightweight, rigid polyethylene foam material. The three decoys feature an aggressive Jake, a passive Jake, and a multi-posture hen. Isn’t this a complete love triangle in the turkey kingdom?

Each of these decoys is graced with real life coloration, and no real life turkey will doubt its realism. The three decoys come with a stake which you can use to place them firmly on any ground, including the hardest ones. The hen decoy can be easily adjusted to adapt the looking, feeding, or breeding hen turkey.

Such a REAL love triangle will grab the attention of any gobbler in the field, and it will come in ready for the last fight with the jakes.

Key Features:

  • Made from strong and durable polyethylene foam material that hardly suffers dents or punctures
  • The decoys are extremely light-pampered with realistic feather patterns with a true-to-life coloration
  • It attracts even the most wary Toms
  • Creates numerous realistic conditions that lure the dominant tom
  • The multi-position hen allows you t adjust its posture to match the mood and mating habit of the hen in any area

8. MOJO Outdoors Shake N Jake Decoy Review:

Our eighth position couldn’t get any better turkey decoy than the MOJO Outdoors Shake N Jake Decoy. It is the most realistic decoy that has ever been invented by man. It improves on the motion features of the decoy while making all its body parts to resemble those of a real life turkey.

All the intelligence pumped into the design of this first-class decoy shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. Why? Preston Pittman, the expert turkey hunter, and the world-champion turkey caller teamed up with Mojo to give you this smart, highly efficient invention.

The decoy resembles a Jake Turkey and has lifelike motions which draw the gobbler away from the hunter and to the Jake. Using a remote control that works within a range of 150 ft, you’re able to turn the body of this decoy and raise its tail up and down simultaneously, just like the real Jake does! The decoy is accompanied by a blaze orange carry bag where you’ll conveniently carry it to your hunting location.

Key Features:

  • Remote control motion decoys which enable the decoy to portray the motions of real-life Jake
  • Operates on four AA batteries (not included the package)
  • Specially designed decoy to look 100% similar to the real turkey, with a full-bodied and lifelike motions-the decoy can be effectively operated from 150 feet away
  • Mounts on a 2 feet steel stake which can be easily stored inside the decoy after use
  • Comes with blaze orange bag where you can safely carry the bag after use

9. Primos Gobbstopper HD Submissive Hen Decoy Review:

Over the past years, most turkey decoys have been made with way too bulky sizes giving the hunters a hard time when carrying them to their hunting locations. Storing them during the off-seasons also becomes a challenge. Additionally, these manufacturers fail to impart the realism and true replica of the real wild turkey on their decoys.

Fortunately, Primos has been watching you go through all these problems. They’ve decided to end your misery once and for all with their highly reliable Primos Gobbstopper HD Submissive Hen Decoy.

The brand uses high-quality imagery and high–tech processes to give you a decoy with a high level of realism like no other. Best of all, this product ranks among the cheap turkey hunting decoys.

Key Features:

  • Compact ad lightweight
  • Comes with small volume bladder which is extremely easy to fill and deflate
  • Rugged metal stake holds it firmly on the hardest grounds
  • Its realistic printed fabric matches the sheen of real feathers
  • The design process combines state-of-the-art printing and professional photography

10. Avian-X Lookout Turkey Decoy Review:

The last turkey decoy you need to try in the line of Zink Avian-X turkey decoys is the Avian-X Lookout Turkey Decoy. Like all the other Zink Avian series truly decoys we’ve encountered before, this decoy is an LCD model. It’s featured on the list of the most realistic and effective turkey decoys on the planet.

It has an incredible, professionally laid out feather detail plus a realistic paint scheme that has no perfect match.

The decoy is easy to inflate or deflate down for easy storage. It also comes with a carry bag where you can safely carry it when filled up. The dura-rubber material used in its design is very rigid and enables it to maintain its shape when fully inflated. This material hardly suffers dents and creasing.

The decoy has the posture of a lookout hen. This perfectly replicates a real lost turkey hen searching for her man. And surely, the wary tom will come it way with high anticipations.

Key Features:

  • Durable, long lasting construction from the dura-rubber material
  • Comes with a cotton decoy bag for conveniently carrying the decoy
  • One-piece collapsible stake enables the decoy to make lifelike motions when hit by the slightest breeze
  • The stake has a finely sharpened tip for quick placement on rock-hard surfaces
  • Lifelike collapsible design
  • 15% smaller than a true turkey to make the hen look less dominant
  • Realistic, heavily textured feather network laid out in lifelike lines

Things to Consider Before Buying a Turkey Decoy

Remember what we told you at the beginning of this post?

Yes, there are a ton of turkey decoys out there and selecting the right one is always a big hustle for all hunters. Below are some top factors that you should put into consideration when buying a turkey decoy:


A great turkey decoy must be made from durable materials. It is very important bearing in mind the number of abuses a decoy goes through. A durable decoy is one that can withstand the abuses of hitting the rough sides your truck, one that survives all the fights with gobblers, does not get dents easily, etc.


Price is always an important factor for any product you intend to buy, and the turkey decoy isn’t an exception. If the decoy bears all the features we’ve discussed in this section, then it’s a high-quality product worth the price.

But don’t rush to buy a decoy that comes at a high price without doing some further research. There could be other decoys with similar features at lower prices.

If you want to learn about the best deer decoys, we’ve a detailed guide on that too.

How Many decoys do you need?

How many decoys do you wish to use for your setup?

Always have the answer to this question in mind before you set out to buy a decoy. It ensures that you buy the right number of decoys that you wish to use in your setup for increased turkey hunting productivity.

The Level of realism Displayed by the decoy

When it comes to how much realistic a turkey decoy is, you need to be very careful. Otherwise, you’ll fall for low-quality decoys without lifelike attributes and you hunting sessions will be very miserable. Always be on the lookout for features like the feathers, paint used, lifelike motions, etc., to see if they look real.


You don’t want to buy a decoy that is too bulky. This would present you with many difficulties whenever transporting it to your hunting zones or whenever you’re setting it up.

So, the best way out of this misery is investing in a decoy that is extremely lightweight and collapses to a compact size. Most of the decoys come with a carry bag which is an added advantage.

Does the Decoy Support Multi-Poses?

There are hen decoys that designed to use only one pose. At the same time, some have been designed such that they support all the possible modes of a turkey hen.

Buying the latter decoys can go a long way in making your hunting sessions more productive. On top of this, such decoys might prove economical as you don’t have to buy different models for different poses.


Surprisingly, the brand that has manufactured the decoy you want to buy also matters. If you want to be on the safer side, always buy your decoy from the popular brands such as Zink Avian-X, Montana, Primos, Mojo, etc. If you’re not sure about a brand, it’s always good to enquire about it from fellow hunters or Google.

Best Turkey Decoys Setup: Powerful Tips for Setting up Turkey Decoy the Best Way

Now that you have the turkey decoy with you, how do you use it in the turkey hunting fields to experience the most successful hunting sessions of your entire hunting life? Here are quick and powerful tips to get you started as soon as now:

Where do you place you decoys?

As the expert hunters would advise, placing your decoys in an open field enhances their visibility to the gobblers yards away. This trick draws the gobblers near to you and enables you to make a precise shot that kills them ethically.

Another great setup involves putting the decoys as if they’re trying to leave the field.

For example, you can set the hen at the edge of the field or near the woods with the Jake behind. This makes the gobbler act urgently before they leave the field.

The last effective decoy setup involves putting the hen in breeding posture and a Jake behind it. A jealous gobbler will rush towards the setup in seconds ready to fight the “poor Jake.”

Number of decoys to use

For spring turkey hunting, it’s highly advisable to pair up a hen and Jake. This way, you’ll be able to attract both hens and gobblers. When the dominate hens come in, she’ll help draw the gobbler. The Jake is used to make the gobbler aggravated.During fall truly hunting, set up a flock of 4-5 decoys. Turkeys like traveling together during this time of the year.

How far should you stay away from your decoy setup?

This is a million dollar question. Apparently, most hunters don’t know how much they should keep away from the decoy setup. Always move as far as 15-20 yards away from you setup.

That’s what the expert turkey hunters recommend. This ensures that when a gobbler is in your setup, he’s far enough to give your short gun pattern sufficient time to open up. This is still an ideal shooting range in case the gobbler hangs on the other side of the decoy.

Adequate Camouflage is necessary

Turkeys have superior eyesight and can spot you from a considerable distance. This is a sad fact. To avoid them from spotting you, always conceal yourself completely, including your face.

You clearly understand the consequences of the gobbler gobblers seeing you before you eve hunt one, right? Play smart by identifying a good hiding position.

For example, you can position yourself behind a tree that is wider than your shoulders.

Aim at the Head

Now that the gobbler has come and is playing around your decoy, how do you take him down? With all the feathers in his body, aiming at his body might make you miss the sustainable food in front of you. Aiming at his head is the best way to clean-kill him and take him home.

Anytime is not the right time to hunt for Turkeys

When should you set up a decoy for turkey hunting then? Always strive to the setup before the sunrise (at down). And if possible, make the setup when the sun is rising on the turkeys’ eyes.

It is very much important as it helps you outwit their keen eyesight.

Mojo vs. Avian X Turkey Decoys: How to Decide?

Turkey decoys from Mojo and Avian X are very good models that can be used in various setup techniques depending on the location and according to the season you want to hunt turkeys.

Choosing between them may not be easy. Below, we have detailed information about both models to help you choose the one you like better.

Avian X Turkey Decoys

The Avian X Turkey Decoys are excellent units that display unmatched realism. Its designers have paid great attention to details and made the decoys with realistic eyes using some no-flake paint.

These decoys are made from the dura-rubber material which makes them more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

A folding stake feature lets the turkey decoy make some minimal realistic movements to attract gobblers.

Setup is very easy. Just open the valve, blow in air, shut the valve and your turkey is ready.

Avian X turkey decoy models include the Lookout Hen, Breeder Hen, Feeder Hen, Half Strut Jake, Quarter Strut Jake, Lay Down Hen and Strutter.


  • The decoys look like real-life turkeys.
  • They are collapsible for convenient transport and storage.
  • Easy and quiet to set up.
  • These decoys come with a drawstring carry bag and a folding stake.
  • Resistant to wear and tear.


Avian X decoys are a bit costly for those who are working on a budget.

Mojo Turkey Decoys

Turkey decoys from Mojo include; Scoot-N-Shoot, Tail Chaser Max, Outdoors Shake-N-Jake motorized turkey decoy with remote, Quarter Pounder motorized turkey decoy with remote, Tail Jerker Pull String Operated Turkey Decoy, Fan Attack Stake and Frame, and Fan press.

The Mojo Scoot-N-Shoot Decoy gives you good coverage as you try to sneak up on a gobbler because of the extended bottom wings.

It arrives with a built-in handle for easy maneuver. Attention to details is great because the decoy is very realistic.

Nevertheless, it does not come with a carrying bag.

Another quality decoy is the Mojo Outdoors Shake-N-Jake Decoy. It is very realistic, and the remote control motion allows it to portray the movements of a real Jake.

It comes with a blaze orange carrying bag and is powered by 4 AA batteries.

This decoy is designed to look completely similar to a real-life turkey, with its full-body and lifelike movements.


  • There is a wide range of this product to chose from
  • Collapsible hence easy for transportation
  • Remote controlled making them easy to set up
  • The decoys look like real-life turkeys


Mojo Turkey Decoys do not come with a carrying back. This makes them quite tiresome on transportation. Again, they are quite costly.

Go for a decoy that suits you and your pocket. This will break in ease for you to choose from. Do not also allow prices to limit what you want. Go for quality and durable decoys.

Final Verdict

Turkey decoys have evolved a lot over the past years to improve the way you hunt the wild turkeys. The above list is a compilation of ONLY the latest turkey hunting decoys. They have the highest level of realism you need. They’re made from the most durable materials and are extremely portable.

All of them come with pocket-friendly prices. Buy any of the above turkey hunting decoys today and have an easy time shifting the attention of the gobbler from you to the decoy, giving you an easy time shooting them quickly and accurately.

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RP - May 13, 2017

Beware the Avian X. They are not as durable as they’d like you to think. I have a feeder Decoy manufactured 2016, that was used in our 2016 spring and fall seasons. Probably deployed less than 30 times and it wiil no longer hold air. Has a small pin hole leak where the stake tube connects to body. At $80 a pop these things should last longer than 12 months. I have emailed the company about a possible replacement, even though it is beyond their overly generous 30 day replacement policy. Been over a month and not a peep from Avian. I purchased 4 others prior to this issue. Will likely be looking for a different brand if they don’t reply (going to try one more time) as I can better spend my hunting dollar.

Bill Nipper - March 11, 2018

I have 4 Avian turkey decoys and 2 will not hold air any longer


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