Top 5 Best Goose Decoys – Review and Buying Guide

If you want to hunt the geese successfully, deception should be at the top of your list of strategies. Because the law has always forbidden shooting of birds on the ground, you’ll need to lure the geese to fly within your short gun range for comfortable shooting.

Goose decoys are thus a critical part of geese hunting. And picking the best goose decoy on the market will make a big difference between spending the entire day in the fields without luck and a big fat goose for dinner!

Guess what?

I want you to bag that fat goose every day you set out to hunt the geese (and get the delicious goose experience).

That’s why I’ve come up with this post to teach you how to buy the best decoy for your next hunting trip. Plus I’ll recommend the five best decoys on the market for your goose hunting needs.

Ready for this? Good, let’s go…



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Things to Consider Before Buying Goose Decoys


A high-quality goose decoy ought to be physically tough; in and out.

As you know, your decoy will suffer much abuse when using it- from throwing it into the back of your truck daily to sledding it through mud and muck of cattle pasture or grain field, etc.

So, when you've got a solid decoy constructed from the toughest of materials, it will be able to stand all these rough situations.

The most popular decoys are made from molded plastic and foam.

These materials offer your decoy varied levels of flexibility, based on the environment in which you’ll be hunting. As such, you should always consider the type of hunting environment you’ll be using your goose decoys for, as this will help you determine the best level of durability fro your needs.

Hands down, the most durable decoys are those made from molded plastic. And the best part is that you can use them in all sorts of environments.

Eye-Grabbing Realism

Realism is quite important when you’re looking for the best decoy for hunting goose. Over the many years of goose hunting, these birds have become very wary and very educated.

Thinking you could deceive them with just any decoy you come across is lying to yourself.

Make sure you pick decoys with ultra realistic paint schemes and patterns. Additionally, the 100% realistic design should be accompanied by some lifelike features to make the decoy entirely efficient. For instance, it should be life-sized (or close to it), should come with natural goose posture and so on.

Ease of Use

Or you can call it huntabiltiy… just how easy the decoy is easy to use in a given setting will go a long way in determining the success rate of your hunt.

Every experienced goose hunter knows that it will take you several moves in the fields before you realize the best setup. You should, therefore, be able to load and unload your decoy as quick as you can- and this will get simpler if your decoy is easy to use.

The best decoys are those that offer you a quick and efficient base system that enables them to be put up and taken down in a matter of seconds. Again, remember this is essential when it comes to making moves that will end in a fruitful hunt.


I’m assuming that you’ll be carrying your goose decoys in your decoy bag for long distances before you reach your hunting spot.

And you won’t like it when your luggage feels too cumbersome that by the time you reach your hunting zone you’re utterly exhausted. It would, therefore, be wise if you could look for decoys that come with lightweight designs.

These have proved to be incredibly easy to transport to any zone.

Did I mention that portability is also directly related to the ease of use of your decoy?

You definitely need to pick a highly portable goose decoy if you dream of a successful hunt.

Ability to Withstand Tough Weather Conditions

Duck hunting is a task that you’ll be exercising in different weather conditions. Sometimes the weather will turn too cold; sometimes it will be rainy and so on. Because of this, you ought to pick a decoy that can endure different weather conditions.

Many hunters have been frustrated in the past after their decoys started showing signs of fading and chipped paints after only a few trips to the fields.

A goose decoy might be good looking while on the shelf, but if it can’t hold up to the extreme weather conditions, it does you no good.

Before you make your next purchase, start by doing some research to guarantee that your decoy can withstand unfavorable weather conditions without losing its realism.

Cost Factor

Above all these factors, don’t forget the cost factor. As much as you want to make sure you spend your money wisely, you can easily fall for the poor quality decoys that will start fading as soon as you use them on the first day.

Let the budget you’ve set apart for goose decoy be enough for a good quality decoy, with great features, and an excellent performance record.

Our Top 5 Goose Decoy Picks:

1. Higdon Standard Size Half Shell Canada Goose Decoys Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="377" identifier="B000WDXUPM" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

When it comes to your goose decoys, it’s time to get real with this impressive 6-pk package from the reputable Higdon manufacturers.

Designed by a professional, award-winning wood carver, these decoys offers you unmatched realism highly affordable prices.

The decoys measure around 21 inches from breast to tail and a width of 11 inches- which falls in size range of a real-life goose. This is one feature that will make your setup even more believable to the geese in the fields.

Despite this, all these decoys are pretty compact, and you’ll have an easy time packing them in your decoy bag for easy transportation to the fields. The durability of this fantastic decoy is unparalleled to no other decoys out there.

They come with field tested, true-to-life, and incredibly durable black flocked heads with chick painted dazzling white.

The head positions of this set of decoys include one relaxed sentry, two preeners, and three resting goose. The phenomenal feather detail is super awesome. The decoy will take you through many duck hunting seasons to come.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 9 pounds only
  • Extremely portable
  • Flocked
  • Heavy-duty design makes it durable
  • Six pack includes one true sentry, two mid-sentries, two true walkers, and 1resterhead
  • 100% Realistic design and lifelike features

2. 1 Dozen Dive Bomb V2 Canada Goose Silhouette Decoys Review (6 pack)

[easyazon_image align="center" height="332" identifier="B017WUZ4KQ" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="500"]

This decoy is not only highly realistic but also among the most anatomically correct goose decoys on the market right now. The decoy will fool even the wariest of the geese in your hunting spot. And true to what the manufacturer states, they will surpass your expectations and needs.

The decoys are construed from ultra tough, corrugated material that boosts their rigidity (enabling them last for more seasons than an average decoy).

Note that this corrugated material is only used for the Dive Bomb decoys production only. Each of the decoys has 4mm thickness and as tough as nails.

Detailed real life goose images have been printed on these decoys with paint that does NOT fade, chip, peel, or scratch- even under the toughest hunting conditions.

Use of high DPI (dots per inch) printing technology guarantees you of the highest image quality and resolution.

The decoys also come with two-pronged, 20inches long stakes. The fact that these stakes are made of spring steel means you can quickly deploy them into the hardest soils without deforming them. Setting up and taking down the decoys is super easy and super fast!

Highlighted Features:

  • Engineered from super tough, high GSM plastic material
  • Powder-coated, spring steel stakes can be deployed on the hardest of grounds
  • The pack comprises two resters, two away position, two lookers, and six feeders
  • Deep dark colors ensure eye-grabbing realism
  • Ultra-realistic goose images printed on either side with a textured finish

3. AvianX Top Flight Goose Honk Floater Decoy Review (4 Pack)

[easyazon_image align="center" height="175" identifier="B00DZZ06YW" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="400"]

AvianX has designed this Top Flight Goose Honk Floater Decoy to be a replica of a real life goose. The level of realism that comes with these decoys is not only seen in its overall appearance but also in the lifelike its.

Look at the natural posture the feeder decoys display. This is enough to draw in even the smartest geese in the field.

What’s more, the anatomically perfect bodies of all these decoys will pull in the wariest of the decoys like a magnet.

The bodies of these decoys have been made with an elaborate paint scheme that will not fade or chip easily after many years of extensive use. The bodies of the decoys are constructed from the incredibly durable plastic that can withstand all forms of abuse- inducing chipping and cracking.

The factory-connected heads are hard to pop off when setting up the decoys in the field, making them highly reliable. Above all, the decoys feature weighted knees for a true-to-life motion on the waters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Natural postures boost the decoys realism
  • Anatomically perfect body designs
  • Incredibly durable plastic construction
  • Front weighted knee construction

4. Big Foot Full Body Goose Decoys Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="223" identifier="B001REBANE" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="400"]

These stunning Big Foot Full Body Goose decoys come with feeder style – a favorite for many hunters. Interestingly, this feeder stands as the most realistic on the market since its invention.

Big Foot claims that most companies have tried to copy their style, but their style is still the king

Now, the feeders are engineered from an ultra-tough polyethylene material, enabling them to give you excellent services for an extended period.

The bodies details of the decoys have been carefully applied t give the decoy a finish as real as that of a live goose. Combine this with the manufacturer’s hand painted feathering and the decoy almost come to life!

The exact dimensions of this feeder are 34”L x 26”H x 11”- compact enough to stack in your decoy bag and transfer to any hunting zone. The full package comprises four decoys, all in full feeding flocked heads.

Highlighted Features:

  • Feeder style
  • Incredibly durable design
  • Lifelike features make the decoy almost come to life
  • Compact/lightweight design makes the decoys portable
  • Complete package features four decoys
  • All in feeding positions

5. Greenhead Gear Pro Grade Life Size Series Canada Goose Shell Decoys Review

[easyazon_image align="center" height="288" identifier="B00CA30JQK" locale="US" src="" tag="huntspot08-20" width="480"]

This particular Greenhead Gear decoy has set the standards for all the goose shell decoys. After analyzing photos and making carvings for hundreds of years, Fred Zink finally created a goose decoy shell that’s a Must Have for all serious goose hunters.

These new Pro Grade Life Size Series Canada Goose Shell Decoys are probably the most realistic shell decoys you’ll ever find on the market.

The perfect anatomy of these decoys combines with the unique paint schemes to create unmatched realism plus unique, lifelike feather detail.

If you team up these shells with full bodies in your hunting spot, you’ll come up with a realistic setup that the wary late season geese desire.

The pack comprises two sleepers, two resters, two semi-resters, three right feeders, and three left feeders.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra realistic decoys
  • Life sized
  • Detachable heads make it easy to transport the decoys
  • Can be used in the fields, along the water edges, and on the ice

Final Verdict

A good quality goose decoy is an important consideration for any goose hunter who really wants to bag a well-fed goose on every hunting trip.

Picking the right decoy for your needs shouldn’t be hard… at least not after reading our expert guide above. Just be sure to go for a high quality, reliable decoy while keeping the cost factor in mind.

Regarding quality, the decoy you choose should mimic a real-life goose in every manner and angle to make it easier to deceive the intelligent birds into approaching your setup.

From what you’ve seen from the five best-perfuming duck decoys I’ve suggested to you above, they come in packs to ensure that you’ve more than enough pieces for any setup (and to act as spares whenever you lose one).

Buy any of our top goose decoy picks above today, and your hunting efforts will start to pay off handsomely; that’s a 100% guarantee!

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