How to Zero in a Rifle Scope: The Easiest Way

Zeroing in a rifle scope can be a real pain in the butt if you don’t know what you are doing. I’m going to tell you how you can easily sight in a rifle scope and get it if not close to dead on.
The first thing you’re going to need is, of course, your rifle a paper target any gun rest.

You can buy the paper targets just about anywhere their relatively cheap. The gun rest, on the other hand, will cost you about $100 but is well worth it because you continually use out of it sighting in any and all rifles. You can buy your gun rest at Dick’s the Bass Pro shop Wal-Mart or your local gun store.

Okay so now you have your paper target an gun rest you are ready to zero in your rifle.

When you hang your paper target I like to hang my targets and zero my rifle at about 50 yards. Zeroing in your rifle at this distance I have found allows your gun to be accurate at close range say 20 to 30 yards and also very accurate at much further distances say 200 to 400 yards.

Okay so you have your paper target hung and 50 yards now what you want to do is set up your gun rest after you get your gun rest set up place your rifle on the gun rest and secure tightly on the gun rest. The gun rest is very important because when you fire your rifle the recoil shifts the gun and can make zeroing in your rifle almost impossible.

So once you have your rifle securely fastened in the gun rest in your paper target set at 50 yards you are ready to zero in your rifle.

The first thing you are going to want to do is put your crosshairs dead on the center of the target and fire one shot. Now it is time to adjust the scope crosshairs to where the bullet actually hit.

scope adjustment

Credit: AmericanRifleman.org

Most rifle scope’s have two adjusting knobs one that moves horizontal and the other vertically. The knobs will most likely have caps on them unscrew both caps . The first knob you’re going to want to adjust is the horizontal knob looking through the scope grabbed the knob adjusts it to the crosshair try to get it directly below the bullet hole on the target.

Now the final step is to adjusting the vertical knob so that the crosshairs are dead on the bullet hole on the target.

Once you have both the vertical and horizontal knobs adjusted so that the crosshairs are dead on the bullet hole on the target screw both knob caps back on. Once you have both knob caps back on take your rifle and once again aim directly for the center of the paper target and fire one shot and if you did everything correctly your bullet should hit just about dead on the center of the paper target.

Zeroing in a rifle or scout rifle scope is not as difficult as people think it just takes the right equipment and patients.

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John LInchon - December 26, 2017

You have share the excellent guide about rifle scope. As a hunter we should need to us how to zero in a rifle.


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