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Having Troubles Hanging Your Deer Feeder? Read The Expert Guide

Viewing the wildlife from your backyard or a deer stand in the fall has become very possible, thanks to a deer feeder. You will see more than just the deer at your deer feeder structure.

The regular supply of feeds can pull in all sizes of wildlife. From the turkey, little quail, and even the large bear are known to visit a well-established deer feeder. Bears are quite opportunistic and will visit your feeder until the food is finished.

If your feeder is not correctly hung, the bear will go to the point of tearing it down to ensure that the container is empty!

Luckily, you can avoid this unfortunate incident by following our complete guide below on how to hang your deer feeder correctly.

Things You Will Require

  • Extensions ladder
  • Steel cable: 30 feet of 3/8 inch
  • 2 thick rubber sheets: 12 inch by 48inch 1/16 inch
  • 2 long bungee lines: 36 inches
  • 4 cable clamps: 3/8 inch
  • Sickle wrench
  • Helper-½ inch pulley
  • ½ inch diameter of poly rope


1. Scout the forested areas for a zone of wildlife (particularly the deer) activity. Actually, this is not required, as the critters of the forested areas will get pulled in to your food source in under one month's period.

Locate an open space with two large breadth trees- they should be around 12-18 inches wide and 15-20 feet separated.

2. Stretch a cable between the two trees on the ground to confirm that the separation is right. Afterward, put an extension ladder against one of the trees to a height of 15- 20 feet starting from the bottom.

3. Wrap the elastic/rubber sheet around the tree at an approximate height of 16-20 feet from the bottom.

Hold it in this place with the aid of the bungee cord. Center this rubber in a manner that the steel cable can easily be wrapped on it. The elastic sheet will keep the trees' bark from being harmed.

4. Grab the cable, the crescent wrench and two cable clamps. Go up the extension ladder and circle the tree with the cable- twice. Secure the cable to itself using the two cable clamps and then tighten into place with a wrench.

5. Slip the hole of the pulley through the steel cable. Run the ½ inch rope through the pulley to the midpoint of the rope.

In other terms, you want up to 25 feet of the rope hanging on either side of your pulley wheel.

6. Move to the next tree and repeat the same process for connecting the steel cable to the tree (as in step 3 and 4).

Look for another person to help in lifting the link to the required height. Secure the steel cable around the rubber sheet again using the clamps.

7. Secure your deer feeder to one end of your ½ inch rope. Hold both ropes to easily adjust the pulley position assembly.

Focus the pulley amidst the suspended steel cable.

8. Time to fill your deer feeder. Start by raising it to the appropriate height. The height requirements generally depend on the type of deer feeder you are using.

For the automatic feeders, you can raise them to the full height of the pulley assembly and the cable.

As for the nudge-type deer feeders, they should be lower to the point that the deer can actuate the dropping action of the feed.

9. Place your deer stand in one of the two trees. Join the other end of the rope to the same tree above or underneath the stand. Secure the rope sufficiently high such that the deer won’t come into contact with it.

Final Verdict

Hanging your nudge-type or automatic deer the proper way will go a long way in preventing the bird and squirrels from feeding on its contents. Additionally, it will keep off the beer from damaging the feeder.

Follow our simple guide above on how to hand your feeder correctly.

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