9 Powerful Tips For Using Your Deer Decoy To Its Full Potential

Rattling for the whitetails has been around for quite a long time, but utilizing decoys to trick a watchful deer is a new trend. There are a wide range of decoys available today and unending debates on whether to utilize a buck or a doe.

Below is a quick rundown of tips and tricks that may help you, if you choose to try a deer decoy out this fall.

  1. Putting a dummy deer in the woods near your area is nearly requesting for trouble from different hunters. The decoys come along with a blaze orange duffel pack. Using this bag while conveying your decoy to your preferred setup location is necessary for you and any other hunter, regardless of the property you are in.We would likewise advise you to deploy some blaze orange on or exceptionally close to your decoy to avoid tricking other hunters into your setup. Hunting from a tree stand would also be a great idea.
  1. Keeping your fake deer smell-free is also crucial to the effectiveness of tricking that huge buck. Pretty much as you would keep your garments and other any hunting gear human scent free, the fake deer ought to be dealt with in the same way.Once the bait is setup, spay it down with a decent cover scent to eliminate any human smells that may have been attached to it.
  1. Where do you place your decoy? Placing it along a high traffic deer location for deer is the key to success. Remember this is a visual attractant, so if you take it into the thickest pine thickets, the odds of a deer seeing your setup are significantly reduced.Deploy the decoy in an open location, or the feeding regions where loads of deer are expected to travel.
  1. Make sure to pay close attention to the wind when settling on a decoy setup. Huge bucks frequently prefer to approach from the downwind side, so ensure the wind is moving in your favor, in case the buck chooses to hover around before committing to the setup.
  1. Keep the fake deer near your stand or ground area. Bucks can at times get within 10 or 15 yards of your decoy and then sense that something isn’t right. By keeping your decoy close, you may be able in a capacity to shoot it before it spooks.
  1. Bucks approach dummy deer in different manners- depending on whether it’s a doe or buck decoy. If your setup is a doe bait, they will for the most part likely approach from the rear end side of the doe, so setup the fake deer in a manner that you have a perfect shooting path right behind the doe you’ll mostly need to position the doe decoy such that it faces away from your stand area- to make the buck hover nearer to you.
  1. As for the buck decoy, the buck will usually approach from the front ready to engage you to decoy in a fight. Ensure your setup enables the buck to stroll into a shooting path before he gets to the decoy’s head. Also remember, at times the buck will charge from a couple of yards away. If the shot simply presents itself, don’t hesitate to take it!
  1. Buck and doe smells are an incredible addition to your dummy deer setups. Employ attracting scents that work on the season of the year you are utilizing the decoy. For example, if you’re hunting in the rut phase, then utilize dominant buck or doe-in-heat urine to make your setup appear to be much more practical.
  1. Utilizing both buck and doe decoys in your setup is an incredible approach to trick big whitetails. Having the sub-dominant buck tending a doe will instantly set the big whitetail into battle mode.Having your doe decoy bedded at around 6-8 yards from the buck decoy is an awesome approach to set the scene and extremely realistic. Remember the other tips we discussed above when making this setup ensure the buck does not approach in such a way you can’t shoot him.

Decoying whitetail deer is an incredible approach to reap the Monster Bucks. It takes effort to setup and get everything right, but if you do it right and in the perfect time of year, you can easily trick an enormous buck into your bow range that would otherwise not have committed to your calling and rattling.

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