Bull’s Eye on Archery Targets: What Is It?

As seen in the movies, archery is actually a game that needs a bow and an arrow and its objective is to shoot the bull’s eye. The more accurate the shots the archer takes, the more his or her score will be. The scores are added and then whoever the player who gets the highest score will be announced as the winner.

The game has many types like field and target. In target archery, the archer will shoot the target at varying distances while in field archery the players are able to move to different fields with different forms of targets. The bows that are used in field archery are designed traditionally.

The materials used in making the targets are usually made up of fiberglass or carbon and they are placed together with stabilizers and sights.

The stabilizers are needed so that the bows will remain steady while the game is going on.

The arrow has some metal material at its tip and as well as its back. The arrows also have slot at the back so that it will be gripped with the bow. The targets, on the other hand, are made up of straw and are placed with a colored paper.

There are different rules that are followed when the game is going on. One example is that during competition every player must not use a crossbow and they are also advised to use different colors on their arrows to signify identification and lastly, the arrows can only take flight when told to do so.

Six shots are given only to one target at a time. The shots are counted even if the arrows did not reach the target or the arrows fall down before hitting the target. The first shot is paired with long distance and the distance will gradually increase after each shot.

In men’s competition, the distances include 90 meters, 70 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters while in women’s competition there are only 70 meters, 60 meters, 50 meters and 30 meters.

There are different types of archery targets to choose from in the market. The pro weave target faces are considered to be the best since they are very durable and they are securely stuck together by pressure and heat, making it a lot stronger and best suited as targets. These are used to greatly improve one’s shooting skills for the competition.

Another type of target is the 3D archery target. These targets are readily available and fun to be played at. They can be used almost every level of archer from a serious expert to a playful beginner. And the best of all they can be made at home by using some simple materials.

Archery is a game that requires focus and practice and if this game is played regularly it will surely be fun.

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