10 Tips for Using Deer Decoy Effectively to Bag More Deer

So, it is deer hunting season and you are ready for it. This is probably a new thing for you as you have never gone hunting before. Everyone has told you about deer decoy and how it would help you a lot in catching mode deer.

However, you don’t really know about it or the proper usage of the best deer decoy. If you want to effectively use the decoy and make sure that you will succeed in your hunting mission, there are some common mistakes to avoid and some basic tips to follow.

Really Use the Decoy

Most beginner hunters think that the decoy is pretty useless. Who would be fooled with such silly decoy, anyway? In most cases, hunters would only buy the decoy without actually use it.

They will probably keep it in the hunting shed or pack. In the most common hunting scenarios, hunters use the decoy and yet they fail to catch any deer.

From that single experience only, they conclude that the decoy won’t work so they don’t want to use it anymore.

First of all, you need to remember that one bad hunting experience doesn’t reflect the overall experience of the hunt. Sure, you may fail on your first hunt but it doesn’t mean that you will continue falling on the next hunting missions.

After all, the failure can be a good learning experience for you so you know how to develop a good strategy and tactics.

It is imperative that you always tag along your decoy with you. Today’s decoys are compact, easy to set up, and lightweight so you shouldn’t have problems carrying them around.

Different conditions require different methods so you may not know when you will need a decoy. That’s why it is a good idea to always carry it around with you.

Location is the Key

Another thing you should consider about is to place the decoy in a visible place. Putting the decoy on the corner or in a dense area of thick bushes will be useless because no one can really see anything!

If you can’t see the decoy, how can the deer see it?

You want to place the decoy right in the middle of the deer traffic so they can see it from far away. Depending on the location of your hunt, make sure that you make a wise choice. For instance, when you hunt in a field, place the decoy on the field edge.

Smelly Decoy is a No-No

You probably think that your doe decoy should be doused in pheromones to attract the buck. Well, such tactic isn’t always right. Aside from the fact that pheromones or smell should be subtle, such thing is unnatural either.

You should also remember that your decoy shouldn’t reek of human because deer will run to the opposite direction. It would be a great idea to keep your decoy in scent proof container or bag.

You should also use latex gloves when you set it up. Do you have a scent killing spray? Use it regularly.

Think about Your Decoy as Your Main Strategy

Most people make mistakes by thinking that the deer decoy is just another hunting accessory that they can use occasionally. If you want your hunting to be successful, it is important to include the decoy as your main strategy.

It is also important to really understand its function. Do you know that your hunting performance will be better only if you gain a better understanding for the decoy?

So, really make the most of it and you should be fine.

Different Decoy, Different Purposes

You should know that different decoys can deliver different results and purposes. Understanding the nature of the target will help too. For instance, if you want to catch a buck and he wants to eat not far from another deer, you can use a doe decoy.

If the buck is pretty aggressive and looking for a fight, set up a young buck decoy.

If the buck wants to mate, you can use the estrus doe decoy.

Easy Hunting during the Wet Season

In case you are going on a hunt in a wet or rainy season, you should protect your barrel with an electrical tape. Simply attach the tape at the side end of the barrel to prevent moisture from coming in.

The tape won’t disturb your shot. Simply shoot through it when you have to shoot and you will find out that it is truly okay and works fine. It worked for me, at least.

Clever Ideas

A lot of people think that trimming the hunting area or the shooting lanes during the hunting season is a good idea. They do it because they want to have a clear shot and better visibility, naturally.

However, deer can be pretty clever. Those who have developed their own sense will be able to relate the freshly timber cut smell with the start of hunting season and human predation. You should clear the lane when it is summer.

Comfort, Comfort, and Comfort

You should remember that you will be surrounded by bugs and insects during your hunt. It is a great idea to use a bug, insect, or tick repellent but don’t use the strong perfumed scent.

If you do, the deer will notice your presence from miles away. Keep it mild and you should be okay.

Important Prep

It would be a great idea to wash all your hunting gear and clothes with non-scented detergent. You shouldn’t be using perfume either. The same principle also applies to your decoy too.

Before you are going to the woods, make sure that you don’t wear any scented products. Keep your clothes inside a sealed plastic bag until you come to the hunting area and you are ready for the hunt.

Safety First

No matter what, your safety should come first. A lot of hunters fall off the tree stand when they are trying to climb in or out from the tree stand. Having a full body harness or another safety hunting gear is a must, especially if you are going to hunt from the tree stand.

So, there you have it, my top 10 tips of using a deer decoy perfectly.

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