Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Gun Belt

Most folks go out there, spend some bucks on a holster for carrying their concealed weapons but forget to investment in the best gun belt as well. They seem not to understand the benefits that come with a real gun belt. This is a special belt that helps stabilize your holster throughout the day. More so during the dramatic action, we refer to as draw stroke.

If you want to carry you gun the right way, start by buying a high-quality gun belt today.

Below are the top FOUR reasons why should invest in a real gun belt as soon as now:

Gun Belts are Strong and Durable!

Starting with the most obvious one:

A gun belt isn’t just any other belt you know. It’s a specially designed belt to help you carry all your weapons (and additional gear) correctly. When you compare your standard dress belt and a good quality gun belt, you’ll be pleased to learn the major differences between the two.

Real gun belts feature robust and durable materials such as leather, Kydex, nylon, etc. The double thickness design criterion adds to their strength. Holding the weight of all your guns is super easy with these belts.

Say NO to Sagging and Bending

If you’ve never tried carrying your CCW in your standard belt, don’t even think of doing it. The reason I tell you this is that I’ve heard weird tales of how it ends. Because the dress belt is so weak to stand the weight of you loaded holster, it will bend, sag, stretch, and frustrate you.

The belt cannot hold your CCW firmly, and you’ll keep adjusting it in the public. A great gun belt will save you all these troubles. It’s made of sturdy materials and reinforced with stronger materials such as the polymer to keep it stiff (and keep your holster stable), irrespective of how much weight it’s holding.

A Participant in Competitive Shooting?

If yes, do you always use a gun belt? If no, this might be the root of all your failures. And you know what? The only way you can save yourself is by getting a great gun belt before your next match. Here’s the reason why:

In all shooting games, e.g. IDPA, every second counts. This means that you should always be as safely quick as possible during the competition. It’s no brainer that only a belt specially designed to hold your gun will help you do that. These belts are stiff, secure, and fit tightly to the loops of your pants (they fit through any pant loops for that matter).

They Double As Regular Belts

What’s the primary function of your dress belt? It’s to hold your pants up… Luckily, a gun belt slipped through your pant loops also serves this task. Top gun belt manufacturers are saving you the extra bucks you set aside to buy a dress belt.

They’re making the concealed carry gun belts look as stylish as your standard belt. You can thus wear them even if you’re not carrying your weapon. You’ll enjoy a tight fit plus elegant look in that leather gun belt.

Final Thoughts

Taking your concealed carry in a good quality gun belt is not an option. That’s true if you want to enjoy all the above benefits that come with a great gun belt. It’s strong and durable. It hardly breaks, bends, or sags. It gives you an advantage in shooting matches. And so much more.

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