How Correct Draw Length Prevents Injuries in Archery

Perhaps one of the most important thing in archery is getting your draw length correctly set. It is possible to shoot a bow that has a longer or shorter draw length, however, it isn’t beneficial. There is no right or wrong length. It’s as custom to you as, say your shoe size.

I have read articles on draw length but I feel they don’t explain just how harmful it can be when your length is too long and the string slaps your arm.

I personally injured myself from the string slapping my arm. While I have had many offer suggestions on how exactly I hurt myself so badly, the root of the problem was my draw length was way too long. I received a “string-slap” that made my arm look like I had been running over. This is why I cannot stress this enough. It has been 4 months since the injury and I still have after effects from it.

Another thing that is important to understand is a longer draw length can give your shot more power. this gives the big guys a certain advantage, but those of us with a shorter draw can more than makeup for that. Your draw should be correct so that it encourages proper form, power and accuracy.

If you haven’t tweaked your draw length, you are not shooting at your personal highest ability and you will be lucky to even be an average shot. There is absolutely no advantage to shooting with the wrong draw length, so why do it?

How Do You Find Your Proper Draw Length?

When you have your bow fully drawn, your nose should be touching the string, your neck near the corner of your mouth and you should be able to see through the peep sight easier if you are using one. A release and a D-loop don’t affect your draw length, but I still think it’s smart to set your draw while using your release. This helps you be certain you are comfortable while drawing back.

I have had a woman or two ask me if I feel I am disadvantaged to a man because I cannot shoot the big powerful bows.

My answer is an emphatic no. Women’s bows are not delicate little things. I personally shoot a lefty Bowtech Diamond Razor Edge. I have received many compliments on this little bow and can’t ever possibly imagine shooting with anything else.

So if you are a woman interested in archery, don’t let your smaller frame think you cannon be just as good if not better than the boys. There is nothing better than watching them make jokes about how little it all is and then show them that bigger is not always better.

Learn your draw length, be safe and most importantly, have fun!

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